Is There Justice?

As I was driving back from shopping today, I found myself thinking about justice. In life I mean. I thought on all of those people I have met in my life who were users and abusers. Yet, they always seemed to rise to the top like cream that upon tasting it is off. I know we all know someone like that.

I am a giver by nature. I mostly put myself last in life and spend time ensuring others are getting what they need. I have discovered though that this giving mentality is wrong. All I seem to do is create dependency – on me. In the last few years, I have tried not to be so giving or rather – to move me up the list a bit. You see, I realised that it’s my life and my responsibility is to myself as much as it is to others. Those that do rely on me wouldn’t be able to if I had no ability to help them.

So, these days, I do try to push back a bit. Rather than give on a plate, I try to get them to do something for themselves. Sometimes, the reaction is revealing…. they call me selfish! LOL.

I have always found this a dilemma. Where does selfish start and finish? Like I said, if I wasn’t able to help, how could I help? In order to be able to help, I must actually be able to work, make money, and have some spare time and cash to help.

I’m waffling a bit I know because I still don’t really know the answer – probably still trying to formulate the question is fact – Is there justice? Do the users and abusers suffer eventually or are they enjoying a free ride with no consequences through life at our expense?


5 thoughts on “Is There Justice?

  1. While some talk of Karma, we really don’t know if everyone gets what’s coming to them. And I’ve seen a few abusers and users suffer no serious consequences for their actions, so… Personally, I don’t mind helping others but when I realise I’m being taken for granted, taken advantage of while I suffer, I’m out of there. No regrets. No looking back.

    The selfish word has been thrown around a lot the past year and when I’m accused of it, I say, “So?” So what if I’m selfishly because I’m putting myself first. That’s what I’m supposed to do. Take care of yourself and if you have anything to spare, you’ll know who to help.

    Have an awesome weekend.


  2. That’s a great question.. ‘is there justice?’ and I’ve been asking myself that my whole life. I’m not sure there’s an answer really. I think the abusers pay for their arrogance by being less than human, if that makes any sense.

    I do know what you were talking about through your examples though. You described it better than I ever could. I see it like this: there are producers, destroyers and everyone else. Producers draw everyone to them simply by being creative, alive. Destroyers just want to tear everything down. Most people have no idea any of this occurs, but I’ve dealt with it and it seems you have too.

    Those are my thoughts.


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