Liminal People

I have a new book out – it’s published by Raven Tale Publishing and is now available…

Demons, Angels, Shadow People, BEK… Do we live in overlapping Universes that can interact at odd times and states of mind?

Liminal people and entities occupy the edge of our perception. The edge of our reality. In the mists of the liminal boundary, we find the monsters and the gods. They know of our existence. In fact, to some, we are sustenance itself. Our fear, anger and passions are energies that feed, sustain and attract. In this book, G. Michael Vasey, master of the paranormal, investigates liminal people using personal and third person experiences to illustrate his theory that reality of a set of vibrations of various frequencies and we co-inhabit the same space but different frequencies. His conclusions will astound and perhaps terrify you.

Grab your copy today!

It follows on from the encounter and video I made a while ago….