Shut Down Fossil Fuels and Create A Crisis

Most people are clueless about the details of climate change and science. Firstly, science doesnt set out to prove anything. Science is a raucous debate over hypotheses and all science is about creating hypotheses. It is a hypothesis that CO2 causes climate change – nothing more – and a highly suspect one at that. There are far more papers published saying CO2 has no impact than there are saying it does. Yet, the UN has adopted one of the most extreme hypotheses out there and continues to promote this fiction of a climate crisis even when anyone looking out of their window can tell that there is NO crisis.

I’ll tell you though what will cause a crisis – cutting fossil fuels.

Almost everything people take for granted from energy to clothing and medicine comes from oil. It’s worse than that. Ammonia is a critical substance – it helps make fertilisers for example – it is made from oil. Steel is needed along with concrete to build protection from the elements yet both of these substances rely on oil to make them.

The people who fear for their lives due to climate change need to start thinking. Let’s say that there is a 2 degree warming over the next 50-years. So what? When you take an annual trip to Turkey for a beach holiday and increase the temperatures overnight by 10 or more degrees, does it harm you? Noooo. Worried about drowning as sea levels rise? Why? Basic math – if sea level is rising 1.4 cm a year, thats a life time to rise 1m. By the time you are in danger of drowning, you will have been dead half a century! If sea levels do rise over the next few centuries, you think humanity wont adapt? You think our species will sit there doing nothing?

Meanwhile, as energy prices rise due to an artificial shortage of fossil fuels and instability of useless renewables, what happens if you cut more fossil fuels huh? Electric power prices will consume most of your income and after a while, people will give up, chop down and burn trees.

Yes, your climate crisis idiocy is exactly that – a crisis of idiocy and the end result will be you will have nothing and be very very unhappy.

One thought on “Shut Down Fossil Fuels and Create A Crisis

  1. And the biggest climate idiot is our president, who just shut down more oil leases and had manipulated the banks into refusing loads to drill! I hope the November vote ties his hands and feet and tongue!


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