I recall being a boy growing up in the 60’s thinking what it must have been like to have been raised a generation or so earlier. Facing war in the trenches or on the beaches. Old movies sold me on the idea that they were people who really kept their distance from each other or so it seemed to me. Very formal, very cold and unemotional but then, they had to be. Of course, my grandparents reinforced some of this idea of a generation that sacrificed, kept their feelings to themselves and had few expectations.

These days, I look at the kids especially in the west and I have to say I worry about them. Weak, sensitive to any form of perceived criticism, unused to any kind of sacrifice or hard work in the main, they have expectations that cannot be met and believe themselves to be so important as to have others call them by specific words. They cluelessly follow each other like lemmings and adopt issues like climate change and mask wearing as if it were their religion. I hope and pray that they come to their senses before it is too late for humanity.

Of course, I am generalising. The contrast between these two generations could not be more blackj and white could it?

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  1. I’m not saying this to be cruel, but I hope these folks who take everything for granted learn their hard lessons before death snatches them. If they don’t, they won’t be grateful for anything, and that’s a sad way to live. Unfortunately, many will suffer do to their softness. Some will deserve it. Many won’t.

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  2. I was born the day Hemmingway liberated the bar at the Ritz in Paris! So I was fairly close to the end of WWII and alive during the Korean War. Even though I was a girl, I had posters of all our military planes on my wall! It was a much simpler life then – no cell phones ( we had a phone which was picked up by an operator and she asked you who you wanted to speak to) and only got a TV in the late 50s. Saturday mornings I listened to my favorite radio shows. We played outside with friends from the neighborhood and in the summer I said and swam and put on plays with my friends for our families. There was polio (I got it) and sad losses of soldiers in the community and racism, so it was not all sweetness and light. But I do look back and think how lucky I was to be a child then.


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