Please – Use Your Brains!

Not just that – but use your eyes…. look around. Talk to your older relatives and do your own research. If you believe we have a climate crisis – you are being conned. By the same people who brought you killer COVID and safe mRNA vaccines….. The science they tout is nothing but pseudoscience in which the data is constantly modified to fit an extreme theory. All science is simply theories…. it is not fact and it is not a belief but a proposition elevated to be subject to peer review and refinement.

But look. Look around you. Do you see people dying from heat? They die from cold in their droves but not from heat. More CO2 means better crop yields and an ability to feed more people and no – there doesnt appear to be any real correlation between CO2 and temperature – not now and not in the geologic past and if there is it would be that higher temperatures result in more CO2 in our atmosphere.

I will say again, when you go on summer holiday and experience an instant 10C increase in temperature – do you wither and die? If sea levels are rising around 1.4 mm per year then are you going to be drowned in a tidal wave? No… it will take decades and centuries for anything to happen and we can respond in that time.