Anti Vaxx?

I have never been anti-vax. I had all my shots and so did all of my kids. I would never think of myself as anti-vaxx. Never.

But when they decided to bypass the normal testing for any drug with the COVID ‘vaccines’ that were in the case of mRNA, totally and utterly new and untested technology, I decided to be extremely cautious. When the powers that be started denouncing alternate forms of treatment and suppressing information while over exaggerating the dangers of COVID insidiously, my internal BS trip wire was activated. I have a Ph.D. I can find and read science myself. I can interpret data myself. I began to realise very early that for the vast majority of humans, COVID was little more than a very severe cold (for some, like influenza and other respiratory viruses, it can indeed be a killer). That all of this appeared to originate with mainstream media, left-leaning politicians and a certain set of smug tech billionaires, just made me more suspicious.

There was nothing said in the lock down months that made any logical sense to me. Suddenly, science was a mantra. A set of beliefs that could not be questioned. Yet this science wasn’t science at all as science says masks do not have much effect on respiratory viruses, that exposure to bugs is better for the longterm functioning of your immune system, washing your hands constantly in carcinogenic substances is both going to give you health problems and once again rob your immune system of its function. In a true pandemic, you try everything and if something appears to have effect, you use it, not ban it. No… sorry, they were taking us for stupid.

Then came the push to vaccinate, vaccinate and re-vaccinate. This involved vilifying people who chose not to and blaming them in some upending of logic and science yet again. A vaccine protects the vaccinated. If you are vaccinated, my vaccination status is of no consequence. That is, if the vaccine works. The problem was that these didn’t and that is why the unvaccinated were blamed. By the time it got to having a 4th booster, most people had figured out they had been lied to. The vaccine didn’t work or if it did, not for long. It also came with a whole raft of horrendous side effects including sudden death. We now know that the little testing that was done on these so called vaccines was fraudulent as well.

And what did this all result in? Well, an awful lot of people now no longer trust any vaccine. It created real anti-vaxx sentiment where before, this was a real small minority. Some vaccines not only work but are essential to the elimination of horrible diseases. By pushing the COVID non-vaccine so hard, they have created a world in which people are vaccine hesitant generally.

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  1. While I was one to evaluate all medicine and pick and choose, my children had all their childhood vaccines. That said, if I was in the US, I’d have been anti-vax way before now. The number of shots those kids get before the age of 5 is insane. No child needs those. In Canada, there might be 6, and they’re the standard: measles, mumps, rubella. However they keep adding more. I rejected the chicken pox one and was glad when my kids got the real chicken pox in elementary. The one for young girls to ‘prevent’ cancer was also rejected for my daughter.

    Now, I reject all vaccines. The only exception may be tetanus. So you’re right. They’ve taken people who were so concerned about vaccines and turned them into anti-vaxxers. What is worse, now I question everything the government and doctors say. All medicine will be rejected until I do my own research. I don’t want anything to do with western medicine. In the past two years, I’ve seen people made worse by doctors. If society breaks down, doctors will be hanged beside politicians.

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