Call It Out!

On Friday, I experienced road rage as some guy in a Rentokil van decided I had crossed him and set about to basically ram me. Having achieved his objective he drove away while I sat in shock. I followed him though to the lights he was stuck at where he proceeded to try to run me down. I called the police who not only told me that without a witness and any extra evidence, the damage to my vehicle made it look like I had changed lanes into him and therefore would be fined. They also noted my technical sticker had recently expired. They advised me to forget it.

I spend the weekend somewhat down as I reflected on what makes people do such things and why the police appear totally uninterested in justice. They didn’t want to be bothered with it. I relived the event and wondered was it my fault? I certainly did pull in in front of him after signalling my intention and he tried to stop me. After that he pursued me aggressively flashing lights and beeping horn until the attempt to pass me on the inside on a single lane road led to the collision. He then fled the scene.

I did determine that things happen for a reason and so in this morning’s meditation I reflected on what I had learned. One thing was next time, just let the madman past me…. get as far away as possible as quick as possible simply by pulling over and getting them out in front. I learned that my standards are not others standards and I am wrong to expect my standards from others. I do not know what frustrations or events had occurred in his life that day and probably never will – perhaps that spilled over into rage. After all, I too have a very bad and quick temper that often prompts me to regret later things I said and sometimes but rarely, things I did.

My thoughts moved on and I realised that I am increasingly content to avoid people. People cause all problems in my life and that of others. This is the reverse of what I want to be – I want to be people loving but honestly, these days in particular, I dislike people in general. Perhaps it has been the experience of the last 2-3 years where I have watched in dismay as people appeared to lose their sanity and act like hypnotised sheep.

That is when the voice I know to be my guide said in my mind – Call it out!

Call what out? What She was telling me was to call it out by writing about it. By discussing it. By engaging with people on these things.

So, I am calling it out.

It is time for everyone to redevelop a mind of their own. To step back and examine the world we live in. To see that the world, its systems, leaders and corporations are corrupt in almost every way conceivable. To understand that we are lied to everyday using fear as a cattle rod and safety as the bait.

Well, life is dangerous and to live it well requires a certain degree of bravery.

But more important than that is the fact that IT IS YOUR LIFE. As a result, you are responsible for what happens to you.

So maybe I needed a shake up. Maybe I needed to be shocked. In order to call out it out.

3 thoughts on “Call It Out!

  1. I’ve been defensively avoiding mad men on the road all my driving life. I don’t want to be involved in any accident, so the maniacs can zoom past me. I’m taking my time, loving the drive and life.

    I am with you when you say, “I dislike people in general”. I’ve gone as far as saying I hate people. In general. What has happened the past two years has increased my disgust for society. Many have shown their weakness to obey without question. I will never be a full part of society. I do me, they can do them. I haven’t been to the city in more than a year and a half and I don’t care if I ever go again.

    My circle of friends are small. I’d like to keep it that way. Way less drama.

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