Headed to Extinction?

When you look around and see what is being taught to the kids, what is deemed important and what is not. When you observe that more and more people seem to believe that what they believe is right and cannot be challenged. When you understand post-modernism and how it works and see how it has now infected all aspects of everything. When you add in the increasingly authoritarian suppression of discussion, opinion and critical thinking in favor of agenda and beliefs… you can only surmise that extinction is on the cards for humanity.

The complex systems that we have created, devised and implemented are already beginning to break down all around us as the people who supposedly now manage them are more interested in pronouns than the processes. The idiots are running things beyond their comprehension and they really do seem to believe that just because they imagine something so, it will be. And of course, no one is responsible or accountable anymore so the buck stops somewhere else.

We are destroying our farming and distribution systems. We are destroying our energy sources. People seem to believe that oil and gas is used only for fuel while it is actually the basis for a safe and modern life. They talk about sustainability while breaking down a system that was and is sustainable to one that is unsustainable – for human life. They seem to be on a mass suicide mission as members of some rabid death cult.

Most people quite honestly are simply dumb – they know nothing at all. Without modern systems and processes in place, these people will die as they do not know how to survive without modern luxuries. They live such easy lives that they are obsessed with meaningless social memes not understanding that they survive on a thin veneer of civilisation. Meanwhile, led by people with motives and agendas I cannot fathom, they call out for and protest to have that thin veneer of civilisation dismantled. And then, I assume, they will die not knowing how to feed or warm themselves.

Yes, it’s a dire prediction, Some will survive for sure but mostly it will be the ones who follow and believe without question who suffer.

Last year, I went on a survival course and a first aid course. I intend to go on a foraging course this year if possible. I want to be as ready as I can for when the lights go out.

2 thoughts on “Headed to Extinction?

  1. I believe it is predicted 80% of the people will perish within the first year of a major disaster. That might simply be a Carrington-like event where the power system around the world is destroyed. The modern world is fragile because it depends so much on power and most people have no clue how to live without it. Cities are the weakest and most dangerous places to live in. So out of touch with the things vital to sustain life, they will be a nightmare when/if the power system (or the food supply chain) is destroyed.

    You and I can do nothing to stop it. All we can do is gain knowledge to save ourselves and the ones we love. If your daughter is willing to go, take her to these skill-learning sessions. If you can get her on a horse, even for a few lessons, do it. Any skill that was useful 150 years ago will one day be useful again.

    Unbelievably, I believe we will see the dismantling of society within the next 20 years.


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