Us and Them

Increasingly, I see an US and THEM. The them believe everything, happily take ‘vaccines’, live in fear of climate change etc. etc. The US pity these poor tortured souls and wonder why they cannot see the joins in the strategy of a Great reset by the globalists. The people that run parts of this world are evil. They subscribe to a WEF vision of communism in which, the elite (ie them – a different them in this instance) see themselves as far superior to us – ( a different us – the useless eaters). Just watch Trudeau, Macron or the horse lady that runs New Zealand and you can see the glee and joy in their faces as they sock it to us all meanwhile changing their lifestyles not an inch. They think we are stupid. Unfortunately as far as the them I am talking about, they may well be right.

The pandemic that never ends is so obviously related to the boosters and vaccinations that I can’t begin to understand why some people do not see it. The sick and dying are vaccinated people. Death rates are up 40% and according to the morticians and undertakers, many of these dead cannot even be embalmed due to the strange strands and lumps of clots filling their bodies the like f which they have never seen. The 40% isn’t disputed. It cannot be disputed as the life insurers are telling us this. Instead, they try to have us believe that it’s down to masturbation, heat, tight socks and any number of insanely ridiculous excuses. No – its the damned vaccines. That is what happens when you take an experimental, untried and untested new drug. Isn’t it blatantly obvious to you all?

Then we have the climate in which every nice day is evidence of impending doom. Summer’s are not supposed to be hot apparently? Funny, cos growing up they were hot and amazing. I recall 1976 as being particularly hot and going on and on and on yet back then, they told us we were headed to another ice age.

There is an us and a them.

I’m in the us category and always have been. I call BS on the media, the politicians and the big corporations.

You should too.

2 thoughts on “Us and Them

  1. Actually, I don’t pity those poor bastards. I don’t even think of them. I’m so far out of the circle of news, I don’t know what’s going on in the world. I’m fine with that. Just living my life like I want, enjoying the heat of July before winter comes and freezes everything.

    If experience tells me anything, this will all blow over and we’ll look back at this (like we do 9/11) and think nothing of it. Sure, those taking unnecessary medicine might be injured or dead, but that’s their choice. Choice, I say because ultimate it was their choice to comply. Sure, they’ll whine about this or that, but it’s falling on deaf ear. There’s ALWAYS another way. Always. Many chose the easy way. Government has no real authority over anyone unless someone gives the government that authority.


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