Mass Silliness

Throughout my life I have experienced a lot of hype and silliness…. Y2k, .com, cloud, climate, COVID, and more. As soon as you see the media tying every story back to some fear porn you just know it’s game on. Me? I ignore it as much as I can as it is sheer silliness. Yet, a majority consume this fear porn silliness with something akin to glee. The more the better. In the end, it’s all about the money and you just know someone is getting richer off the back of all of these campaigns. Almost certainly, the same people.

I occasionally wind up on Linkedin – a platform for business – now a platform for gear porn, propaganda and silliness. Some of the stupid, ill informed comments I see from supposedly educated people is truly disturbing. They seem to hook into each and every fad and spout the messages they have been brainwashed with from media, politicians and so on. When challenged, they usually respond with slurs….

I’m 62. I probably can’t retire til 70ish but boy, once I do, this silly world of lemmings giving up their rights willingly will find it hard to find me. I intend to find a place in nature…. and the only person I will be wanting to converse with is the goddess.

One thought on “Mass Silliness

  1. That’s a sound plan. I left LinkedIn about eight years ago when my movements were tracked by those who could afford a membership. I like to stalk and not leave a trace. LinkedIn wasn’t comment-based backed then. My how things have changed. Everyone has an opinion and wants to share it.

    Really, what the Internet and sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have taught me is: the world is full of nutty people best avoided.


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