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Is it me or has online security got to the point where it is ridiculous. To get into my account at this website today, I had to opt for a text message or a generated code. Both of these options require that I have access to a phone and/or net. It struck me that we are going down another route to giving up our rights here…. for as we allow more and more ‘security’ to intervene in our access of things that our ours or we subscribe to, you just know that the final outcome will be having your access shut off if you don’t follow the narrative at some point. This creeping concern around online security is headed to one place – control.

3 thoughts on “Online Security

  1. Absolute bane of my life. I detest the whole 2-step authentication process, and the way it seems to have become so pervasive. Particular problem here is that the mobile signal is flaky at the best of times, and often the entire process times out before the text code arrives!


  2. I was thinking similarly as security is increasing for everything I do online. It’s not only a password and username now. It’s security questions (What is your birth date? Which many answer honestly. I was born in 1909 on Facebook. Lol). We are given options to use our passport and driver’s licence. That can’t be good. I never opt for those.

    Personally, I’m here until I find it not worth my while. I do what I can today, then I’ll walk away. If I had to guess, I’ve got eight years left online. I won’t have an Internet-connecting device. After that, I’ll go to the library for those few things that remain relevant, like filling out a government form.

    Once I realised there was an expiry date to all this online stuff, it made it easier to accept its demise. The only power the Internet has is what we give to it.


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