I Was Right

A few weeks ago my eldest son called me and started to tell me – you were right….

Since COVID began, I was reading the science, using common sense and arguing it was essentially the flu but novel. I argued the death rate was marginally more than flu but no more. As it morphed, I said it would get weaker. I din’t say these things to be annoying but because this is what the science and common sense told me. I was right.

When they started taking vaccines, I said that an emergency use experimental vaccine that was novel and totally untested delivered by a company like Pfizer could only have disadvantages. Well, I was right again. It was knowledge of science and common sense.

For 15-years I have been writing that EU energy policies were wrong and would result in death and chaos. I said the politicians ignored science and common sense, I was right.

I’m not beating a drum for myself. I am just trying to get people to also use science and common sense. If the BBC or CNN says something is so, you can do the opposite and you will be fine. Ignore the agenda and narrative. It’s fake and based on ignorance and stupidity.

If I offended you saying that – go to hell. Part of the issue today is people are too easily offended.

There are so many people now in positions of power that know NOTHING and have no common sense. It is time to hold these morons accountable for the death and destruction they have wrought isnt it? At least, vote them out.

Again – sorry to be blunt but its the science and COMMON SENSE.

2 thoughts on “I Was Right

  1. Too many people walking around without a spine and common sense. A culling would be the natural next step. Sigh. And I’ll probably be around to see it.


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