Words of Beauty

I wanted to write you words of beauty

Phrases that would transport you

To a place just like heaven

But beauty is such a transient thing

It cannot be chased nor caught

And whatever I write or words I chose

It rings hollow

And the vision I had escapes me

Even tho I follow

Across and beyond the depths of me

An illusion once grasped disappears

And efforts that result in tears

Love and beauty cannot be grasped

Nor brought too close

For beauty is in the eye of the beholder

A personal preference thing

Never still enough

To capture whole or even capture at all

Like all dreamstuff

It fades and cannot be grasped at all

So my words of beauty

Are a pale version of heaven

A rusted reflection of reality

Lost in a moment of hesitation

And drowned in the concentration

Of capturing your look as it was

And will never be again

Though it pains me to say

The rains of time

Have washed it all away.