RyanAir Disgrace

I think most of us detest Ryanair but are often forced to use them due to reasons like no one else flies there….

Yesterday, flying back to Brno from the UK, we were treated to what I can only describe as a RyanAir thug of a woman who in her uniform smugly and bossily treated us all like cattle. She talked to me as if I were a speck on the ass of the Universe accusing me of taking carry on baggage when I hadn’t paid before and demanding my boarding pass. She then didn’t apologise or even stop talking when she realised it wasn’t my baggage but treated that person like a criminal as well. When I tried to respond, I was ignored and talked over and that resulted in a retort from me. I was then informed that I wouldn’t be allowed to board as I was an unruly passenger and security would talk with me. He did. He agreed with me and sympathised about the utter sickness masquerading as a Ryanair employee. I was then forced to go to the back of the line and board last by this ‘lady’. I did so with a smile and a bounce in my step as I had a reserved seat and frankly boarding last meant less waiting in a cramped seat listening to a constant barrage of orders and sales pitches.

RyanAir needs to be careful whom it hires. People like this lady don a uniform and become instantly empowered to treat people like cattle. She has a mental condition and should not be in any position of authority until her ego is put back in place and she learns that all humans deserve respect – even her.