Colds, Sniffles and So On

Last weekend, I started to get a bit of a scratchy throat and by Monday, I was setting world records for sneezing. The next few days were no better and even today – Friday – I still feel like sh1t. I don’t think I have ever sneezed quite so much in my life – so much that its hard to get breath at times. Now, its gone into a cough and yet I am still sneezing as my nostril is sore from blowing my nose and that is sufficient to make me sneeze.

Of course, I have been asked several times isn’t it COVID? No – its a common head cold. Sneezing you will find isn’t a common COVID symptom and I don’t have any fever at all.

Let me tell you something too. This head cold is far worse than the COVID I had earlier in the year. Far worse. With COVID, I could at least continue working in my home office. This thing has left me unable to function for several days.

My father was the same. A common cold wiped him out. I think it’s genetic and something to do with our sinuses. My entire head blows up and I am unable to think or function. I feel like someone removed whatever brains I have and replaced them with cotton wool.

It serves as a timely reminder that our societies’ obsession with COVID is increasingly ridiculous. In fact, our collective obsession with health and safety is ridiculous.

Last week, I was trying to reverse out of a narrow driveway. This is something best done without a seatbelt. Of course, the inbuilt safety systems in my car don’t understand and after 30 seconds they are screaming at me, ringing alarm bells at 100 decibels and generally ensuring that I have an accident or heart attack. No way to switch off these ridiculous ‘safety’ solutions either. No room for that now far right wing thing – common sense. Nope, you will obey!

Makes me wonder how I ever managed to survive back in the 70’s with no rear seat belts or any real safety equipment at all and how we all managed to navigate through life….

The obsession with health and safety as a collective responsibility is just an excuse to enforce more controls. It has gone too far and honestly, is helping to produce a generation of idiots.

3 thoughts on “Colds, Sniffles and So On

  1. How did we ever survive as kids? My parents’ answer to a cold was my grandmother’s mustard plaster. Now at the first sign of a cough or sore throat, it’s off to the medicine cabinet for Covid test.


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