Facebook – The Woke Truth Distorting Narrative Pushing Platform

I think it’s time that those of us who retain our sanity in a world of stupidity and make believe fight back. I’m not yet sure how we achieve this but we need to find ways to stop Facebook and other such blatantly truth distorting misinformation spreaders from censoring points of view.

I posted my views on this published paper about COVID ‘vaccines’ and the Indian employees of Facebook took it down telling me I’m spreading misinformation.

No dear Facebook morons – I’m commenting on a scientific paper – and not the only one – that finds that the Mrna ‘vaccines’ have negative effectiveness after a short period of time.

By suppressing and censoring truth and labelling it as misinformation, Facebook is guilty of possibly damaging the health of its users and possibly even their death.

The lemmings who think Facebook is somehow helping are welcome to vaccinate themselves to death if they wish but I think they ought to know that the experts are turning against these useless gene therapies daily.