How Do You Become a Deranged Climate Person?

I know the media is infected with climate none sense but seriously, if you were really concerned wouldn’t you first do just a little bit of analysis of the issue before gluing yourself to a train dressed in your plastic clothing? If you did start to do a little analysis, you would soon realise that the idea of a climate crisis is political and belief not science.

The idea that science is proven would soon be discovered to be as anti a science statement as you can make as science is NEVER proven and is always an active debate over differing theories. Dissent in science isn’t suppressed but sought out via a peer review process.

The idea that CO2 – without which there would not be life on this planet – is pollution is like saying up is down. The Earth has always had more CO2 in its atmosphere than today and frankly, there is a good argument that more is needed not less.

But what motivates someone to go out and glue themselves to a train? Fear? again, if you are scared, why wouldn’t you investigate the issue and get an education? Or is it that there are just some people who like to be the center of attention, go along with the latest world ending concept of the time and are so politically indoctrinated, they wouldn’t know truth f if hit them on the head?

I don’t know the answer. I just know that much of the time, I feel surrounded by some kind of politically motivated zombies foaming and frothing at the mouth while trying to eat my heart out.

I felt the same way about COVID gene therapies also misnamed vaccines. But now, I see that the truth is finally emerging from whatever crevasse it was trapped in. Suddenly, experts are coming out all over the place saying exactly what I have been saying this last 3 years and calling for these awful poisons to be withdrawn.

Not only that, they are identifying how a tragedy of this proportion of misinformation from official sources could ever occur… and guess what – we see exactly the same abuse going on with the climate BS too.

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