Experimental and Untested

These two words were enough for me. Especially when I did the research. Moderna even proclaimed its ability to reprogram your body on its website – you are the operating system it proudly proclaimed. No. I am not your operating system! I think most just assumed if the vaccine was being pushed it must be tested and safe…. No. It was experimental and untested. Only some tests were performed out of the usual rigorous testing that takes years. You can blame Trump for that actually. The new booster is so rushed it was only tested on four mice. Yes – you read that right. Four mice. This is their science!

Mrna is a gene therapy not a vaccine anyway. Oh they will try to tell you it is but they changed the definition of vaccine in order to make this gene therapy usually only used with terminally ill patients acceptable to you all. Early on, doctors warned that the spike protein was probably a mistake to use as well. As it was the spike protein that seemingly caused most of the issues experienced by people who got COVID bad.

So it was experimental and untested as a vaccine and untested as an approach to vaccination and…. it used the spike protein – a highly dangerous substance. Really, this is all I needed to tell me I wasn’t going to take this particular ‘vaccine’.

Anti-vaxx? Nope. I had the flu vaccine the last 6 years.

Anti misinformation, loss of medical privacy, anti-identification and mistreatment of people who used their common sense or had a religious or health reason to say no? Yes indeed I am.

It is suggested that Macron isn’t vaccinated either. I suspect many ‘elite’ are not vaccinated. Perhaps poor Joe is, he probably did just what they told him. But, if it turns out that these politicians who singled out the unvaccinated as vermin to be destroyed are not vaccinated themselves. Well, I hope they rot in hell.