Learn How to Survive

After listening to Jeremy Clarkson talking about farming and the UK’s permanent Government bureaucracy (Civil Service) know nothings inventing more and more rules to make the farmer’s daily work harder as well as the doing away with subsidies, I think we are in for a rough ride with food supplies. In the Netherlands, Framers are being pushed out of work and their land taken. The same is happening in the UK just in a different way and I suspect it is actually something going on everywhere in the west behind our backs. The reasons are many and varied but you can bet they all involve narratives about sustainable and such nonsense.

This is just yet another example of the blind or the wilfully evil leading their increasingly stupid human lemmings over the cliff. It’s not that these humans are truly stupid just that from birth they have been conditioned, programmed and traumatised to accept the narratives as fact. any attempt to argue against these usually ridiculous narratives are met with all sorts of censorship and nastiness – and I suspect this too is only going to get worse given the laws on internet, hate speech and so on that are being promoted and passed by the very same blind or wilfully evil politicians. Your freedom to think, disagree and speak out are being eliminated. Agree or we remove your rights.

The problem is that many of the things that the narrative drives humanity towards like less farming, electric vehicles, renewables and so on, are not actually possible. Not enough metals, not enough wind or sun and soon, not enough food to go around.

This is the reason I use the term s human lemmings because over the cliff they will all go following the narratives to their death and demise only realising as the fall what utter stupid twats they have been. They will read this and disagree yet over the cliff they will go…

The other part of all of this and of Jeremy Clarkson’s commentary on farming is this – most people would not be able to grow their own food, mend their own equipment, or actually survive on their own. So when food is in short supply along with most other things needed for life, they will die. How many people here know how to kill, gut and prepare a pig? How many people here know what plants can be eaten in the wild and which cannot? How many people here would know how to purify water to drink?

I do. I made it my business to learn and in the coming months, I will buy or rent some land and grow my own food. Here at home I have my survival bag all packed and ready to go. It has most of what I need to survive in the forest. I have done my survival training class. I know how to read a map, use a compass, make a shelter and forage for food.

How many of you do?

Trust me, if we go on following brain dead narratives around climate, sustainability and all of the globalist communist words, you will need to find out and soon.

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