Clothing Trouble

As I was walking through the forest this morning with Rocky, I was reflecting on my unsuccessful attempt last night to buy some clothing. I had been looking for a hoodie or a jumper or something that fit me and would keep me warm as I am down to three hoodies that look a bit worn these days. The first thing that struck me was that I must be a really big person – like huge. Now, I am overweight despite my best efforts to lose and stay fit but I don’y think I am a giant or obviously obese or anything. Looking around the mall last night, I certainly did not look out of place – other men were bigger than me. However, in most brand name stores, nothing fits me. Nothing. I tried on 2xx sized jumpers and hoodies and tops and they all did not fit me. In Reserved, I was told that is the largest size they make! If so where do normal sized men buy clothing?

I think most of these brand name stores sell to a demographic of teens and twenty somethings who are still lean and thin. Anyone past 40 who has added a little weight or anyone over 6 foot tall – forget it. Don’t bother shopping there as you are not catered for at all.

I’m 6 foot 4 or 193cm and I weight over 105kg. I’m not small. However, I am not a fit for the oversized shops either. I simply appear to fit the gap somewhere.

The other thought was this. I didn’t even try on a lot of stuff I saw because emblazoned on the front were things like ‘Adidas’ or “Pill and Bear”and so on.

I’m not a billboard! If I were, I’d charge a nice fee. It seems that humanity is indeed gullible to go around as walking billboards. And add stupidity as well since it is likely you paid a hefty premium for the pleasure of becoming a billboard for your favorite brand. Sorry Adidas, if you want me to parade around as a billboard, you pay me to wear your damned clothing. You compensate me for that.

Most people want to be a walking billboard because they want people to know they are wearing Gucci or whatever. Seriously, you are not only paying more money than the clothing is worth but you have paid to be a billboard. Idiocy.

One thought on “Clothing Trouble

  1. My son-in-law has the same problem – he’s tall and solid. We get him clothes from Land’s End and LL Bean, which carry sizes that fit. Everything these days seems geared to the young, ultra-thin and hip.


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