I’m Now on SubStack!

I decided to do a substack… perhaps you would join me there and subscribe?

My interests are varied and include …

  • the paranormal (www.myhauntedlifetoo.com – your experiences of the paranormal – do drop by and leave your experience!), please stay subscribed for more paranormal stuff…
  • Magic, occult, earth energies – I am actively engaged in dowsing an earth energy alignment through the Czech Republic and write about that at Earth Magic Brno. There I also have information on magic, meditation and more….. if this interests you, please stay subscribed…
  • The nature of reality. What is reality? What is Life? A mixture of quantum physics and occult/spiritual knowledge can be used to glean more about what it is we are experiencing and why – stay subscribed if this interests you..

I also tend to have a rant occasionally about human behaviour – mine and yours and I often write poetry as well….

I have a youtube channel and two podcasts – The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey and Your Haunted Life Too.

If you chose to remain a subscriber, you will be exposed to all of this and with more frequency than in the past. If you really enjoy what I do, then you can also support me a bit here as well and gain access to more stuff that I keep for subscribers and perhaps even be mentioned as supporters of my work in my books.

Whatever, I do hope you chose to remain with me here on substack.

Thanks a lot,

G. Michael Vasey

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