The Esoteric

I have long been fascinated by the arcane and esoteric. Some would call it the occult. Whatever it is, I call it magick and it actually involves the transformation of your self. By making changes within yourself, you change your reality.


Here are two blogs at which you can find more of my writings on the topic along with some links to recent posts there;

Asteroths Domain



The Mystical Hexagram




Inner Journey: Explorations of the Soul was my first foray into publishing my experiences. It is somewhat autobiographical in that it deals with why I had an interest in all things Occult and follows my trail to the point where I found the Servants of the Light. It then tracks my experiences of taking the SOL’s first course over 5-6 years and provides some insights into what I learned. In fact, it was Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, the SOL’s Director of Studies, who suggested I write the book and who kindly provided an introduction too.

The book was published by Thoth in 2006 and is available on Amazon, other online book sellers and from some book shops too.

The Mystical Hexagram: The Seven Inner Stars of Power published by Datura Press, 2012, with SC Vincent is something of a follow up focused on the Hexagram as a symbol.