The Chosen Few

Dedicated to Fauci

To defeat goodness and truth

You need only lie loudly often enough

To have people believe you

You abuse those who disagree

Turn the world against them

And I’m sure, giggle silently

At the gullability

Of humanity

Combine this with fear

Create a monster that

Only your lies can defend against

Be seen as the solution

And when caught in a lie

Bluff and bluster

Will suffice to maintain

the strife

Power is in the hands of evil men

Who tell you of their virtue

While turning you against

The truly virtuous

Who seek to save you

But it has always been this way

And there is little I can say

To disuade you

From their putrid narrative

Of selfish power and greed

Of the self chosen few

A Tribe of One

You can call me a tribe of one

I won’t be labelled

I won’t be grouped

I won’ be divided and conquered

I’m not my race

I’m not my gender

I’m not my nationality

I’m not my religion

So please don’t pigeon

Hole me as what I am not

I’m a tribe of one

I’m me

Independent, strong and true

I’m a human and I bleed

My heart pumps life force

I have empathy but

Most of all

I can see right from wrong

I can never be what you want

I’m a tribe of one

Living strong

Accepting responsibility

Living My life

Wearing my heart on my sleeve

Refusing to be grouped

Divided or conquered

Refusing to be blamed

For your lack of something

For your failure to learn

For your lack of self worth

Accept responsibility

And become another

Tribe of one

In a Sea of balanced humanity.

Veles and the Underworld

Extract from Chasing Dragons in Moravia.

Meanwhile, my magical exercise continued, and I started to focus on Veles, God of the underworld and immediately, things flooded in. I mean engulfed me! Even something I haven’t seen anywhere – that v les in Czech means in the forest and given the Pan-like nature of Veles… why wouldn’t it? Veles – Ve les – in the forest. The green man, trickster. Water and earth – caves, underground, darkness… coming up and stealing children, women, crops and cattle – for what purpose? Netzach-like feelings…. Greenery. Horned cattle.

Veles is often seen in the form of a bear but as a shapeshifter, he could always be another animal too if he so chose. He was the trickster and mischevious. He is a horned god and most similar to Pan. He is also the god of the forest, nature, animals, agriculture, wisdom and magic. He is the patron of poets and musicians and Lord of Winter, the dead and crossroads. He is also the god of the underworld, caves, swamps and underground water. The Slavs view of the underworld was as a forest not as a dark place nor as a hell, and it coexisted with the world.

Veles is also found in other characters in Slavic mythology. He is Leshy or Lesnik (Les – forest in Czech), a protector of the forest who hides in tree trunks and under rocks while being hunted by Perun, the thunder god. It is another version of the battle between the dualities. In some instances, the same stories have Leshy portrayed as a dragon, or a snake.

For some, Veles is similar to Mercury, Odin or Hermes. His day is often cited as Wednesday, but other sources argue that Monday is Veles’ day particularly in Russia where it is his day off and it is bad luck to die on a Monday as Veles isn’t there to guide the soul.

Available in paperback and Kindle formats at amazon.

The Slavic pantheon is a mysterious and complex set of deities but the eternal battle between Perun, god of thunder and Veles, god of the underworld is intriguing. As Vasey invokes one and then the other of this duality, things happen. Magic happens and what seem like unrelated visits and happenings suddenly take their place in what turns out to be a shamanic process of connecting with the energies of the gods and the Slavic lands.

Dragons, Gateways to Hell (Houska Castle), Stone Circles (Kraluv Stul), Earth energies, Butterflies and Birds……… it’s all in this true and magical tale.

Review by Alan Richardson

Vasey’s new book continues to bring insights and his personal experience of a whole field of esotericism that is both ancient to the larger world, but completely new to me. I had never heard of Perun and Veles before, yet I was enthralled by his invocations of both, and his honest responses when – as often happens in this kind of Work – nothing seems to happen. When in fact, as time reveals, everything was always happening.

Trouble Imagining Being Female

One of the issues that I experienced in invoking the Goddesses was simply imaging what it was like to be female. I found this remarkably hard! I was surprised by that to be honest. Here is an extract from Chasing the Goddess…..

Back home, the meditations continued. I tried to do walking meditations imaging that I were Morana but without so much of the success I had had with the two gods – Perun and Veles. Perhaps it was difficult for me to imagine being a female deity? None the less, I persisted and would get some impressions like the idea of Morana as being ‘my perception.’ I puzzled no end over that one but wondered if she was telling me that I had developed a bit of a gloomy perception of things? One impression that I got a lot was one of being retracted into the Earth – a sort of pulling in – a withdrawal back to security of the womb? She was a mirror to life, snowy, cold, even emotionally cold with an embrace that welcomed you like the grave – again a retraction back into the Earth.

Chasing the Goddess became an odyssey into my own subconscious mind or underworld. There I met demons and chaotic forces yet in the Spring, I re-emerged helped by the natural cyclic push to grow and emerge from the darkness into the light. What had I brought forth from the darkness?

Chasing the Goddess is out now in Kindle and paperback formats.

The Day I Kissed Rachel Sweet

As you get older, the mind sometimes tend to wander back in time to those moments that could have, may have….. changed my life.

One such moment was when at Aston University.. I was the Stage Manager – a volunteer position – in the Student’s Union. One day back then we had the Stiff tour booked. This was a bunch of artists signed to the Stiff record label. It had Wreckless Eric and a number of others present including one young gal from America by the name of Rachel Sweet……

My job was to ensure the contract was fulfilled regarding dressing rooms, drinks, food and so on and that stage times were kept to, equipment moved and so on. But when I got a glimpse of Rachel…. Well, we go talking and I just let the gig manage itself. I remember standing in a doorway done the back stage corridor, she and I, chatting, laughing, smiling and then yes, a kiss.

Suddenly, she had to go on stage and she sang a short set including “Alison” dedicated to me, and then she was whipped away by her handlers – she was after all only 17. She waved goodbye and was gone….

Bitter/Sweet memory.

But did she have a voice….. and she was so beautiful.

Rachel Sweet

Out Now – Chasing the Goddess

The final installment of the Connecting with the Magic of the Land series is now out –

. It is available in paperback and Kindle formats at Amazon.

Chasing the Goddess – The Magic of Connecting with the Land Book 3

The journey of discovery continues via the invocation of and meditation on the Slavic goddesses Morana and Vesna through the three Moons of winter and three Moons of Spring. The Goddess of winter and death followed by the goddess of spring and fertility. The outer life mimics the inner life through the long COVID-19 lockdown and colder than usual gloomy winter into an epic battle between winter and spring.

Like the Hero’s journey, I descended into the depths of the underworld with Morana but did I emerge again with anything of value? An initiation of self that echoed the duality of polarity, the change of the seasons, and much more. I emerged a different person in many ways on the way discovering connections between earth energies and the ancient Slavs.

The series began with Chasing the Shaman and gives an account of how accidentally bumping into a local and mysterious shaman in Brno triggered an exploration of the land. This was followed by Chasing Dragons in Moravia that accounts for working with the Slavic gods Perun and Veles. The final book accounts for working with the Slavic goddesses Morana and Vesna.

Pants on Fire…

Grab the book…?

Stuart France


Big Bee entered his bunker, ripped the overlarge black mask from his chops,

and collapsed into his comfort chair.

“How went it?” asked Teigue-the-Fool.

“Could have been better,” mumbled Big Bee into his chest and then, brightening somewhat, “how did it look from this end?”

“It couldn’t have looked much worse, sire,” said Teigue.

“Really, how so?”

“The Main Stream Media showed pictures and extended video footage of the after photo-shoot party.”

“They did, huh?”

“They did. When quizzed about social distancing and numbers one of your ministers tried to claim there were less than thirty people there. When that blatant untruth was exposed he admitted that government business had always followed different rules than those the general populace had to follow.”

“Something of a Barnard Castle moment, then?”

“Times ten, sire, times ten.”

“That bad, you think?”

“Given that parliament does follow social distancing rules, it’s pretty much…

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Chasing the Goddess

I have finished the first draft and I suspect it will soon be out in kindle and paperback formats – the latter with photographs. This is the final part in my Connecting with the magic of the land series and it outlines my attempts at invoking Morana and Vesna, the Slavic goddesses of winter and spring. It has been an interesting journey and something of a rebirth and initiation into a whole new set of mysteries around Slavs, Templars, Earth energies, dowsing and divination and much, much more.

The first book in the series was Chasing the Shaman and I was very pleased at how well this book sold. The second, Chasing Dragons in Moravia, didn’t do as well more is the pity as that is where things started to get pretty interesting invoking Perun and Veles, Slavic gods of the sky and the underworld. I think I will do a free Kindle period on Chasing Dragons as it deserves a few more sets of eyes in my opinion.

It really has been magical doing this work and I am now left with so much to do…. dowsing and exploring earth energies in Moravia and trying to understand what the Slavs and Templars knew about these lines and vortices….

If interested in this work – please do subscribe to my blog at Earth Magic Brno and stay tuned for plenty of videos at my youtube channel as well as the launch of my new book – Chasing the Goddess.

I Keep Expecting People to Wake up

With each loss of our freedoms, I expect people to wake up and get angry yet it doesn’t happen. It is disturbing how so many people will call for things that were simply unimaginable a few years ago. Until people respond and wake up, this is just going to continue until you have nothing and are happy. That is the end game. Actually, I think I could be happy having nothing but for different reasons.

Our ability to travel has now been removed. Once we had open borders now we need to have a vaccine passport or negative test. To go to the UK, you need to voluntarily pay to be imprisoned for two weeks and if you leave that country without permission, you face a huge fine. 1984? It is unbelievable to me that people have allowed this – even support it!

That’s nothing though. The climate crisis scam is next and then they get to take your cars away meaning not only is international travel a thing of the past but so too is domestic travel – unless you are a good little citizen and then your COVID passport will be updated to allow you to go places by public transport – its your reward for good behavoir.

And that passport will be used to grant you the right to breathe in the end I suspect. We all breathe out 40,000 to 60,000 ppm CO2 with each breath. Who do you really think a no carbon future is aimed at? Cows?

And just wait for the rest of this year. The lockdowns not only killed a lot of people but it cost a lot too. Just wait as we see hyper inflation set in and all your savings will just dwindle away to not much. Oh, and you will pay the banks to keep your money too – already a thing in the progressive Netherlands it seems.

Unless people stand up and object, the future will resemble animal farm and not the nirvana people aspire to.

Wake up!