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It felt as if I had been taken by the scruff of the neck, sat down in front of the computer and instructed to write. The Osiriad was one of the strangest experiences I have ever had with words. I had long wished to see some order put into the scattered myths of ancient Egypt. We know so many of their stories, but for the most part, they stand alone, fragmented and disconnected from each other and therefore making little sense. I thought I should do the research and try putting at least some of the better known stories in order.

I never got the chance. I found I was playing catch-up with the research, fact checking translations of documents written five thousand years ago, carved on pyramids or tucked away in funerary texts.

What emerged was the story of Creation, a spotlight on the workings of natural law and…

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Wilsonuv Les and an Energy Line

Wilsonuv Les or Wilson’s Forest in English is another spectacular spot of greenery in Brno. According to a website I found, it was ‘founded in 1882 by the landowner and notary Ludvík Odstrčil in close proximity to the then settlement of Kamenný mlýn in the south of the cadastre of the village of Žabovřesky. Thanks to his cooperation with the Afforestation and Decoration Association of Brno, a forest park with today’s area of ​​almost 34 ha was created. The current Wilson Forest is at the foot of the slope, the Pod lesem sports complex with the historic Rosnička restaurant and the multi-purpose sports hall of the same name. At the beginning of the 1970s, a gap was cut in the forest park and a ski slope with an artificial surface was set up, but later it was taken out of operation and fell into disrepair. Although a plan for restoration was created at the beginning of the 21st century, unfortunately a number of Žabovřesk residents, including a civic association, opposed it. Therefore, this plan was abandoned and in 2008 it was decided to include this section in the forest park. In the years 2011-2014, the park was reconstructed with the support of the European Regional Development Fund and the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic. As part of this implementation, the removal and treatment of woody plants and the planting of new vegetation elements took place. The forest park is located on the slope of a rocky hill on the left bank of the Svratka River in the modern cadastral areas of Stránice, Pisárky and Žabovřesky.’

You can see where it is on the map below – it is marked with the red blob and labelled Wilson Forest Park. My home is shown in a blue blob in the lower right side of the map just below Hrad Spilbirk (Take a walk with me around the castle?)

On the map, you can also see the location of Kostel svateho Augustine (St. Augustines Church) and may recall I had mapped an energy line from the Castle all the way to that church. The line continues down to the park. So today I thought I’d take a look around the park and see if I could track the line a bit further.

I started by walking the opposite direction to do the grand tour of the park. It is really beautiful and offers spectacular views of the city as you can see in the photos.

After circling the park, my challenge was to find the line. In other words, I was not working from the last point I had found it but instead trying to find it on the other side of the park and then would work back to the last place I had mapped it previously. This is a bit more challenging as I have to find the line and work back. However, to my surprise, I found the line within 100 m of commencing dowsing and then started to work my way back. I tracked it across the park and to the end of the street that goes up to St. Augustines. There, again to my amazement, I found a cross directly on the line at the edge of the park. It must be a war memorial looking at the dates but it lacks any other inscription. But once again, I was forced to muse about how it got to be placed on an energy line???

Further mapping will have to wait for another day….. but I enjoyed visiting Wilson’s Forest.

A Lesson in…..

Tonight I learned a lesson and perhaps gained some understanding as to why we find ourselves in the place we are today.

It started with a BBC article posted in a FB group claiming 2020 was the hottest year ever. Nonsense stories like that are why I think the BBC should be defunded frankly. I posted a comment that as a geologist I could safely say that the BBC article was total nonsense (perhaps stronger wording but you get the gist). What I also added was a supporting comment to an enlightened soul who said that actually, CO2 levels needed to be about three times higher than the are today in order for plant life to truly thrive. I said that in fact, until human fossil fuel use, this planet had seen 140 million years of slow reduction in CO2 down to super critical levels of 180ppm. Plants start to suffocate at around 160ppm and are gone completely by about 40ppm. I also said, only once before had the atmosphere been so CO2 deficient and the planet had gone into an intense global volcanic period pushing CO2 levels back up to 4000ppm.

Of course, it didn’t take 5 minutes before some armchair environmentalist posted a ‘you are wrong’ and here is the evidence reply, along with a chart pulled from a US University page showing the last 400,000 years of CO2 volatility. A couple of others chimed in about deniers and the like…..

This is exactly why we find ourselves where we are today though isn’t it? The replier doesn’t appear to understand the difference between THOUSANDS of years and MILLIONS of years for a start which to any geologist makes him look like – well an ass to be honest. And there is the problem. Almost everyone reading this blog (not meaning any insult here) probably doesn’t have the basic knowledge to determine whether or not climate change is a problem. Yet I’m guessing many of you also have very firm opinions about it?

I have said this before but if you think you are able to decipher the complex science around the entire climate story you are better than me and it is something that my PhD research included and that I have followed with interest ever since. You can read papers that say CO2 has no impact on temperature at all and that there is no physics that supports the greenhouse effect and you can read papers that suggest quite the opposite. The latter are usually written by ‘climate scientists’ who build models (rather simplistic models if the truth be told) and who at the moment anyway, appear to have influenced more important people that the other group made of mostly of physicists, geologists and so on.

I wouldn’t propose to come and fix your plumbing. So why do you think you know enough to determine there is a climate change problem?

And in this instance, the replier actually looked infantile to anyone with even a basic geological knowledge yet to the average FB type, he was right.

What did I learn? I’m wasting my time trying to set these people right. Just wasting my time.

Back to the BBC article…. it uses average satellite data to make its claim. I think satellite data has been around maybe three decades… hardly then supporting a claim of hottest EVER. Moreover, that satellite data is modified, changed and ‘corrected’. Some of that is valid and some of it is simply to make things look warmer than they really are (post modern science drops the objective bit and instead finds evidence to support the politically influenced proposition). The data is a measure of a certain level of the atmosphere – each layer of the atmosphere warms and cools differently and do not necessarily mean anything in terms of the overall atmosphere. Many other objections but the final would be this…. we are in an inter glacial period meaning it is NATURALLY getting warmer. If it continues and a new ice age does not occur (for whatever reason), then the Earth will eventually go back to its NORMAL state of having no ice caps and higher oceans. That this would cause us or even humanity in the distant future any problem at all is sheer fiction. It has a good deal to go before the planet is even as warm as it was in the Roman period and they thrived did they not?

Finally, some of you may recall the National Geographic issue about rising seas? It had a picture of the Statue of Liberty being inundated by water. That got picked up by the journalists who write for most mainstream papers and there were horror stories about what this would mean and so on. What they forgot to mention was this… it would take 24,000 years of continuous sea level rise to reach the point depicted on that cover. Even if the sea rose 3-4 times faster, its 7000 years.

Now think back 7000 years….. still worried?

Join Me for a Walk Around špilbirk Castle?

In a lot of my blogs and also in my books (Connecting with the Land Series), I talk about walking around Špilbirk Castle in Brno. Now, I’d like to invite you to join me on that walk…… Enjoy!

I will be doing more videos to show you some of the magical places I talk about in the blog and books…. so please do subscribe to my channel.

Also – check out my photos which are often of this area around the Castle and in Brno.

The inconvenient walking dead… III #COVID #cancer #carers #lockdown

The final part….

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image of cartoon Angry bird about to blow Artwork by deviantART artist Scooterek

Following on from posts One and Two:

“Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free

to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?”

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Last spring when we went into lockdown and we were encouraged not to burden our doctors, I did not take my concerns to the surgery… and lost six months of potentially treating a now untreatable cancer. Now we are back in lockdown again, with the unconvincing prospect of everything being alright again once the vaccine has been fully distributed. We might, suggest the government, if enough people have the vaccine, even be able to begin lifting restrictions in mid-March.

At my last appointment on New Year’s Eve, the oncologist gave me three to six months. It is, I know, just a ‘guesstimate’ based on experience. He could be wrong, it might be longer… but it…

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What Learning about NLP Told me About the Media

I’m currently doing an online NLP course. I really just started and this course will take me quite a while to complete. To be honest, much of it I already know or am aware of yet the way the course is put together, I am seeing how things link together in ways I had not previously thought of. It is fascinating stuff.

In the last day or so, I have been learning about the conscious and unconscious mind, and generally how it is the mid works – at least according to NLP. One thing struck me immediately as interesting – that is that we each receive a vast amount of data every second – so much that we can’t really process it. So our mind deletes, distorts and generalizes that data into a usable set. Furthermore, the deletion, distortion and generalization takes place via multiple lenses that really represent our own individual model of the world – our reality if you will. The underlying actuality can be really rather different to how we end up seeing the world. This makes sense. As you sit reading this, are you still aware of the clock ticking or the traffic passing by outside? Do you need to be? Nope.

Now, if this is how our mind works it follows that models in our outside world will follow a similar model. What I mean is that we create things using tried and tested techniques and approaches. When we program computers, do we have them monitor everything or do we program them to collect only the data of interest to the task we are programming them for? There seems little point in having my PC game monitor the room temperature for example.

Recently, the media has come under a lot of scrutiny and rightly so. To me, media – mainstream media – lies and it lies pretty much all of the time. I think it deliberate. But is it? Mainstream media is essentially doing what our own mind does. It is collecting all sorts of information then deleting, distorting and generalizing according to its model of the world (bias). It has always done that I suppose. I do think the model has changed and is being changed however. It apparently is increasingly acceptable to delete, distort and generalize facts that simply do not agree with their model. It is increasingly easy for them to label those with alternate models and viewpoints ‘deniers’.

I have interacted with quite a few journalists in my time. I ran a successful PR firm (my own) for many years in Texas and marketing is one of my specialisms even in my role as commodities analyst now. These days, those writing the stories tend to be young, inexperienced and their model of the world has been influenced by ideologies. They were not taught to think critically and objectively anymore but rather in a post-modernist way – that is to see the world as competing groups always backing the minority. They fashion the news through that lens.

This helped me a lot understand why they talk of climate crisis, science and all of these key words in our modern world. Why they use fear to motivate (when I was growing up it was sex that was used to motivate – the page 3 girl etc.) and why they refuse to acknowledge any other point of view. They have dumbed down the world to their model of it and that is that. If you do not agree, then you are a denier and should be cancelled.

I don’t read the news anymore. Certainly not BBC, CNN etc. I do read some alternative sources – nothing too controversial – but not mainstream news. I do have to tolerate Reuters increasing abandonment of journalism in favor of propaganda in my job however. What I try to do is read the science. I Google and read the published papers in scientific and medical journals. Luckily I can do this (mostly anyway) as I have a science background that crosses climate, earth sciences, archeology, statistics, biology, chemistry and math by virtue of my own PhD research. I have published around 8 peer reviewed papers myself (or thereabouts), so I understand that process too. I am fortunate enough to have had the training and encouragement of a brilliant scientist whose last job was at NASA and has authored more ground breaking papers than anyone I know. In short, my model of the world has been shaped by that background as well as all the other things that shape our realities. That makes me a very fortunate minority. I am grateful.

The discrepancy between mainstream media (and therefore what the average person believes) and what I hold to be a truism is the source of my internal anger I have realised recently. It can and does make me a very grumpy person and occasionally, it can result in me lashing out in frustration. However, now I understand this, I can work on it. And I will.

However, what I wanted to say in this post is this. If you go to the scientific research and read it you will discover the following,

  1. Scientists do not at all agree on almost anything. The idea that there is scientific consensus is not just wrong but laughable. It is tantamount to good scientific method that there is debate, disagreement, argument and differing opinion. That is how science works,
  2. Political groups and lobbies like the IPCC, UN, WHO, CDC and so on, are not offering a balanced scientific view. They are politically motivated organizations and the reflect the politics of their paymasters not the scientific debate between true scientists,
  3. Anyway, science doesn’t prove it creates hypotheses. Strictly, our reasoning for the fact that planes fly is simply a hypothesis. Planes do fly. We can design planes that fly. But how they do so is simply a model of a reality and not the underlying actuality. It works though,
  4. The view of mainstream media on things like lockdowns, face masks, climate and vaccinations are not representative of the body of research by scientists at all. If you read the science, you may discover that face masks may cause more harm than good, that CO2 has little influence on atmospheric temperature and, yes, that hydroxychloroquine is effective in the fight against COVID (and is used extensively for that very purpose) and so much more.

In essence, the media serves to delete, distort and generalise world events on behalf of biases and a model of the world it has by virtue of who owns it, who works there and who it targets as its audience. It tells porky’s and the vast majority of people believe them.

The inconvenient walking dead… II #COVID #cancer #carers

Part 2 – please read Sue’s account…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Angry bird cartoon on IV drip Artwork by deviantART artist Scooterek

Continuing from yesterday’s post…

A few days after speaking to my GP and before the hospital referral process could kick in, both I and one of my lungs collapsed. I was lucky to have my friend with me at the time, otherwise, I would not now be here writing this.

I was admitted to hospital. Worryingly, via the resuscitation suite.

Once on the ward, they drained a massive build-up of fluid from around my heart and lungs, by the simple expedient of sticking a needle through my back and into the fluid. Not exactly comfortable, but it gave me instant relief from the months of back pain.

They also did a needle biopsy in the CT scanner. The needle is not precisely fine, they do not put you to sleep and if they have to wriggle the needle once inserted into the lung, it does…

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The inconvenient walking dead…  #COVID #cancer #carers

I think in all honesty this should be mandatory reading… and let me tell you something, Sue is still being restrained and unselfish in the telling of this story. This is the world we live in. We NEED to change it.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

image of cartoon angry bird injured Artwork by deviantART artist Scooterek

I am not a happy bunny, more of an angry bird, and I am going to say so, regardless of how much subtle and not-so-subtle pressure has been applied in various areas to encourage us all to be nice, obedient, quiet bunnies. Given the short space of time I apparently have left to live, my right to freedom of speech is one I feel I should exercise…and even the government encourages us to exercise, after all…

Some of you know the background to what I want to highlight and I apologise for repeating myself. For those who are not regular readers… let me fill you in on the story so far… and if I tell it in some detail, it is because unless you have been or know a carer, you are probably unaware of all that entails. And because, even here, I cannot give…

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A Single Word

Meditating today something weird happened. I was trying to contact the energies that are Morana the Goddess of death and winter and other than images of mud, cold and water, I got very little. I started to drift I think and I woke up with a bit of a jolt – as you do – realising I had started to drift off and reset myself. The funny thing was that what woke me was a voice in my ear. It said one word.


I made a note and carried on. After completing the meditation, I remembered this word. It’s not a word I had ever heard but still…. I googled it.

Statch – underage girl or slang for vagina.

OK well that is a bit strange I thought … that a word would be said in my ear and that that word actually means something. Apparently, it is US slang as it comes from ‘Statutory Rape’ hence its use to denote an underage girl. The use for vagina is therefore obvious.

What struck me was the dissonance. Plainly, meditating on a Goddess, you might expect at some point young girl or even vagina to be something that could come up. On the other hand, it has awful connotations doesn’t it? It’s demeaning.

Then I though….hmmmmmm, what about Czech? After all, I am in Czechia meditating on the energies of a Czech goddess. Stach would be spelled probably Stač in Czech and Stač means ‘enough’. It also has meaning in another Slavic language – Slovenian – where it means ‘strike’.

This then got me thinking… what about entering the word in a cipher like the secret cipher of the ufonauts? This cipher comes from one of Crowley’s books apparently. Here is a number of interesting hits in that cipher.

Am a god





So what did I get from all of this? Not much really to be honest except…. where on earth did that word come from? And if you look at all of its meanings, is it not relevant somewhat to the subject of my meditation? Was Morana telling me ‘enough – you fall asleep!’ or was she hinting at being abused in some way by the later christians who see her as some sort of evil demon?


Your Body as Their Operating System

I don’t know who Moderna uses for marketing communications but its page on their mRNA vaccine platform is truly disturbing. According to it, you and your body are a system to be programed and its mRNA vaccine is how that program is delivered. If you think I’m joking, please go see for yourself.

While visiting that page, you may also note the following… “Using mRNA to create medicines is a complex undertaking and requires overcoming novel scientific and technical challenges. We need to get the mRNA into the targeted tissue and cells while evading the immune system..” Note – the word Novel is a posh way of saying – new, untried, untested, experimental.

We are not only about to be programmed via a vaccine but we are also their Guinea Pigs as well.