They Think Us stupid…

I just watched a video of the excuse of a US President talking about the unvaccinated. Who is he talking to? Does he think we are as senile as he plainly is?

  1. I have just read analysis of multiple published papers showing that prior COVID infection is 80% effective against catching Omicron whereas mRNA vaccination is 37% effective upto 7days after injection and after that – totally useless and perhaps worse – may increase your risk,
  2. The data is plain to see – all you have to do is look to see that vaccination doesn’t stop infection, spread or hospitalization at all – in fact, it appears to worsen your health over the longer term by progressively destroying your immunity

So, all of these experts publishing peer reviewed papers are spreading misinformation are they? Governments producing their data are also engaged in spreading misinformation as well? Is that correct Biden?

We are slowly learning that everything they told us was wrong….

  • Lockdowns don’t help,
  • Masks don’t work,
  • Hand sanitizing is a waste of time for an airborne disease, etc. etc.

Soon, we will learn that vaccination has horrid side effects for many people and is ineffective at best. It is just a matter of time before the truth inevitably comes out. Just time.

Biden is parroting someone else’s agenda. But whose?

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Beware the Hate Mongering

Biden, Macron, Trudeau….. these are names of people who ostensibly have been elected by the people for the people and who we ought to be able to trust. In fact, their actions show them to be what they really are – criminals.

Engaged in a unscientific blame the unvaxxed narrative, they are echoing the German Nazi’s in isolating and dehumizing a group of humanity. There is NO science to support anything they say – NONE. Only an infected person can infect you and these days that person is liable to be triple vaxxed as it appears the vaccines weaken your immunity as well as have horrid side effects.

Their words may have consequences. It may incite people to hate and murder. It may incite people to believe that unvaxxed people should be imprisoned and put to death. If so, then they should add murder to their crime of incite to hate.

Anyone in public life echoing this false narrative is a criminal. It is that simple. They need to go to jail for incitement to hate. Certainly, they need to be booted from the offices they hold.

They need to be released of their positions as soon as possible and shamed for their pathetic attempts at shifting blame from their own failed policies.

I do hope one day there will be follow up via the courts and I hope they and people like Blair face a jury for their crimes against humanity. Because they are committing crimes against humanity in singling out the unvaxxed in this manner especially when anyone with half a mind can now see that the vaccines do not work.

Meanwhile, these same people have sought to deprive people of treatments that do work like Ivermectin, HCQ and others. If yopu think I am off my head, go find out how the Chinese, Indians and yes even the Czechs treat their COVID hospitalized….. and why their numbers are so much better.

The proof is there in front of your face.

It is all Sound

Earth Magic Brno

I put out a new video last night titled Templar Sounds. It is an attempt to explain what we think is a major find in terms of the wall paintings at the St. John the Baptist church in Jindrichuv Hradec (now part of the museum). You can watch the video below – please do subscribe for updates and more videos like it…

As you may recall, I came across the church as a result of my companion, Eva, showing me a documentary on this and other Templar sites in Czechia on Youtube. In Czech, I would never have come across this TV show otherwise. We made a visit to the church and marveled at the energy and atmosphere there and found three Type 4 energy lines crossing inside the church. It is, it seems, a major energy center in the Czech Republic.

Having visited the church, we started to…

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It is time to ignore your Government. It is time to turn off your TV when the news comes on and to stop buying or supporting Mainstream Media. It’s time to delete your FB and other social media accounts and soon, it may be time to sell that smartphone and go back to a dumb phone. The endless propaganda can be ignored, switched off and not listened to. Their ability to track you goes the minute you dump the smartphone and social media accounts. The Government doesn’t work for you anymore, it works for the super rich like Bill Gates and it doesn’t have your interests at its heart. It is time to simply stop complying. If we all do that, they have no power at all. None.

It’s that simple.

And any Government or representative that tries to drive hate to unvaxxed people or tries to force you to inject your kids or yourself with untested drugs especially while suppressing other safer treatments, is a criminal.

It’s that simple.

Next time you get to vote – don’t vote for any of the mainstream parties…. they are all infected with this reset crap.

We will have a reset. We will do it ourselves. We will reset a better world led by real science and commonsense not their brazen lies.

Let’s opt out.



In the Czech Republic, discriminatory mandates exist against the unvaccinated. We are not allowed in restaurants, pubs etc. I suppose you could argue that this is to protect us thought frankly, I don’t need to be protected., I am an adult. However, I just discovered the ridiculousness of this medical discrimination…

On my trip last week, we stayed as business travelers. This is possible with a negative PCR test which I had. So for dinner, we decided to try an Indian restaurant. We were honest and explained I was on a business trip and obeying the rules with a negative test. The proprietor though told me he had not heard of this and so no, he could not serve me. I needed to show proof of vaccination or past infection to eat there. So, I asked what about carry out? Yes, no problem, said the proprietor, take a seat.

At this point, I told him No thanks and walked out.

You see, for him, it was Ok to have me sit at a table for 20-30 minutes waiting for the food but it wasn’t OK for me to spend a further 5 mins at that table eating the food.

This is the problem with people – idiocy and compliance with idiotic rules and regulations.

And by the way, I guarantee I was the safest person in the entire establishment when it came to COVID with a negative PCR test 18 hours prior.


Show me your papers…… that too was idiocy.

Silly Season

About three days ago, I developed a strange sore throat soon followed by runny nose, congestion, aches, headache and so on. Oh finally, I thought, I have COVID. I did three antigen tests and one was positive. Ironically, I was quite pleased as a positive COVID results gets me 6-months of freedom! So I booked my PCR test.

It came back negative.

I’m still sick but perhaps with the long forgotten common or garden flu.

I started to do a bit of research. Could the PCR be wrong? What should I do? That’s when you get a feeling of just how deep the COVID insanity now is.

As I researched in a variety of US and UK websites, I discovered a mass of conflicting advice. I found information about the uncertainty or test results on which all decisions are based. But more importantly, I discovered a true disregard for the flu…. Have symptoms and test negative? Carry on as usual. Have symptoms and test positive? Lock yourself up and throw away the key. This despite the Moronic version being described by most as a mild cold! This is psychotic insanity on a global scale.

And don’t begin to get me started on the vaccinated v unvaccinated side of it…. How anyone in the right mind could now believe the vaccine is in any way effective is beyond me. How anyone in their right mind could think doing another dose of a dangerous drug that doesn’t work (booster) could change anything is beyond me.

How anyone can discount early treatment, other treatments just because the politicians want to get that drug in your arm is beyond me.

Much of the western world has lost its common sense. It has been replaced by fear, dystopia and psychosis.

Believe or not, people die from the flu as well and at about the same rate. Believe it or not, every time you get in a car, plane or go for a walk, you risk death. In fact, sorry to upset you but life ends in death. So you can wrap yourself in bubblewrap, stay isolated and live in misery and still end up dying or you can live giving the politicians and complicit mainstream media a two fingered salute.

I vote live.

The Flu Grew up to be a Cold

We were told not to call it a flu. Now, I suppose we are not to call it a cold. Yet that is what Omicron is – a cold. And to help us all avoid catching this cold (and that alone would probably end this medical tyranny once and for all), they want to keep us all locked up, injecting ourselves with drugs that actually have been shown to be inneffective by all the data out there while having serious side effects for a large minority…. No. Sorry. It’s just a cold.

I no longer believe a word these politicians utter. I no longer have faith in any institution like the CDC, FDA, WHO. What I see is a transfer of wealth and an attempt to restrict our freedoms.


Just No.