Far Above

Rise above the noise

The rabble far below

Left and right can fight

Dictators can try to dictate

But my mind is still

Far above the noise

Far above the rabble

Floating and drifting

Filled with peace and happiness

My mind expands

I travel wherever I want

I drill into my truth

Far above the fake news

The lies cannot touch me

I’m free



Somewhere in another time and place

They hold hands and walk with grace

I’m sitting in the shallows

Kicking at the waves

No idea nor knowledge of whats to come

Innocents all

Later, much later and all is changed

I see the blade working furiously

A Queen of sandwich makers

Feeding us all with food and love

Like only A Mother could

The beach sand is so very hot

Burns the soles of my feet

Yet in the heat

There is family

Growing, changing, evolving

College beckons some

Pipes and wires others

We disperse

Yet home is where the heart is

And she is heart and home

Even late in life sitting all alone

Motherhood suited her

Fit her like a glove

Tough and tender

Brave and yet fearful

She did the best she could

Words of Beauty

I wanted to write you words of beauty

Phrases that would transport you

To a place just like heaven

But beauty is such a transient thing

It cannot be chased nor caught

And whatever I write or words I chose

It rings hollow

And the vision I had escapes me

Even tho I follow

Across and beyond the depths of me

An illusion once grasped disappears

And efforts that result in tears

Love and beauty cannot be grasped

Nor brought too close

For beauty is in the eye of the beholder

A personal preference thing

Never still enough

To capture whole or even capture at all

Like all dreamstuff

It fades and cannot be grasped at all

So my words of beauty

Are a pale version of heaven

A rusted reflection of reality

Lost in a moment of hesitation

And drowned in the concentration

Of capturing your look as it was

And will never be again

Though it pains me to say

The rains of time

Have washed it all away.

Everyone Has A Story

For years I have had a website where people submitted their encounters with strangeness stories. It’s call My Haunted Life Too. It had good traffic and lots of submissions but in the last 12 months or so, submissions have all but dried up. It seems sites like Reddit are now the preferred venue for stories. It’s a shame. I also started a podcast of the same name where I featured some of the stories…. along with my own.

Anyway, I’d like to try to get the site going again with some fresh content and so I’m asking if you have a story…. would you share it?


Nationalize Energy? Are You Insane?

I work as an analyst in commodities and am a Geologist by background. Since the 1980’s I have been writing articles about climate change – how it is almost entirely natural and certainly NOT driven by CO2. However, its been a losing battle as most people haven’t a clue other than what they hear on the BBC etc. For the last decade or more, I have been warning that the energy transition would result in chaos, death and high prices. Again, no one outside of my close confidents and clients listen to me – they rather watch the misinformation peddled by the BBC and so on.

Here is the bald truth.

The energy crisis in Europe is deliberate. It is manufactured by the EU and the politicians who support it. There is NO climate crisis and there never was – not in the 1970s when they said a new ice age was coming and not now when they say its getting warmer – it isn’t – not unless you cheat with the numbers anyway. The energy transition is ridiculous. It replaces what was called security of supply – always the #1 priority of utilities, with carbon reduction at any cost. It replaces cheap fossil fuel generation with heavily subsidised, expensive and unpredictable solar and wind.

They haven’t built anywhere near enough renewable generation across Europe to satisfy demand for power. All the while, their idiotic carbon reduction or net zero policies have increased demand for power – from the hyper expensive, environmental EV disasters to forcing everyone to heat with power not gas. This is all deliberate and pursued with an aggressive push whatever the consequences. The Russia war just made it worse and sooner. It was coming anyway.

If you shut down coal, nuclear and natural gas generation before you are ready with alternatives then you will have power shortages and price spikes. It is that simple. They knew this but they did it anyway.

The politicians blame the war and the energy companies themselves. I am sick of seeing the profit memes of oil companies. That isnt profit – its a change in inventory value. Its not real money – its an accounting gain that will be followed by an accounting loss if and when prices drop.

The politicians who have created this disaster want you to blame the energy companies so they can nationalize them and assume full control. Talk about letting the inmates run the asylum? That would be an unmitigated disaster.

There will be death this winter and it is the EU’s fault and the politicians that gleefully push ahead with unsustainable politics thinking they know better than us in the business. Blame them. Vote them out of office. They are the ones to blame.

I Was Right

A few weeks ago my eldest son called me and started to tell me – you were right….

Since COVID began, I was reading the science, using common sense and arguing it was essentially the flu but novel. I argued the death rate was marginally more than flu but no more. As it morphed, I said it would get weaker. I din’t say these things to be annoying but because this is what the science and common sense told me. I was right.

When they started taking vaccines, I said that an emergency use experimental vaccine that was novel and totally untested delivered by a company like Pfizer could only have disadvantages. Well, I was right again. It was knowledge of science and common sense.

For 15-years I have been writing that EU energy policies were wrong and would result in death and chaos. I said the politicians ignored science and common sense, I was right.

I’m not beating a drum for myself. I am just trying to get people to also use science and common sense. If the BBC or CNN says something is so, you can do the opposite and you will be fine. Ignore the agenda and narrative. It’s fake and based on ignorance and stupidity.

If I offended you saying that – go to hell. Part of the issue today is people are too easily offended.

There are so many people now in positions of power that know NOTHING and have no common sense. It is time to hold these morons accountable for the death and destruction they have wrought isnt it? At least, vote them out.

Again – sorry to be blunt but its the science and COMMON SENSE.

Online Security

Is it me or has online security got to the point where it is ridiculous. To get into my account at this website today, I had to opt for a text message or a generated code. Both of these options require that I have access to a phone and/or net. It struck me that we are going down another route to giving up our rights here…. for as we allow more and more ‘security’ to intervene in our access of things that our ours or we subscribe to, you just know that the final outcome will be having your access shut off if you don’t follow the narrative at some point. This creeping concern around online security is headed to one place – control.

Mass Silliness

Throughout my life I have experienced a lot of hype and silliness…. Y2k, .com, cloud, climate, COVID, and more. As soon as you see the media tying every story back to some fear porn you just know it’s game on. Me? I ignore it as much as I can as it is sheer silliness. Yet, a majority consume this fear porn silliness with something akin to glee. The more the better. In the end, it’s all about the money and you just know someone is getting richer off the back of all of these campaigns. Almost certainly, the same people.

I occasionally wind up on Linkedin – a platform for business – now a platform for gear porn, propaganda and silliness. Some of the stupid, ill informed comments I see from supposedly educated people is truly disturbing. They seem to hook into each and every fad and spout the messages they have been brainwashed with from media, politicians and so on. When challenged, they usually respond with slurs….

I’m 62. I probably can’t retire til 70ish but boy, once I do, this silly world of lemmings giving up their rights willingly will find it hard to find me. I intend to find a place in nature…. and the only person I will be wanting to converse with is the goddess.