My Haunted Life – Extreme Edition Available

Today, I have a new paperback about to hit the market in the form of My Haunted Life – The Extreme Edition. Weighing in at 210 pages and $12.99, its birth was actually relatively painless as it is essentially My Haunted Life, My Haunted Life Too, My Haunted Life 3 and two additional, never published before stories as a bonus. The cover is I think pretty spooky too!

My Haunted Life Series
I started writing My Haunted Life last year as an idea to expand on some of the material in Inner Journeys (my first book back in 2005). In Inner Journeys, I talk about growing up with poltergeist and ghosts and how that made me interested in the supernatural and magic. The point of the book was to talk about studying with a real school of magic in the form of the Servants of the Light however. So, I took some of the mentioned experiences and added some more in the form of true short stories and put it out on Kindle. The result was – a minor hit. Something of a first for me.

Given the success of that book, I decided to continue the theme and so My Haunted Life Too was born and went to #1 in two categories on Amazon. It still regularly appears in the top 10 of those two categories. Quite a thrill. Only last night, I got a new follower on Twitter who told me they were reading the book and enjoying it. It feels good to know that people I have never ever met, total strangers – are buying and reading my books.

My Haunted Life 3 came out earlier this year as a final follow up. It also is doing well.

Being Kindle books, they are all around 60-80 pages long and so I abandoned any thought of a paperback version of each (I did try with the first book but I found the pricing uneconomic). However, by combining all three Kindle books and adding a couple more stories what I end up with is a rather nice collection os short stories at a reasonable price.

I am done with the My Haunted Life phase of my writing career now though. I am not done with books about the supernatural however, and I am working on three new books right now. Two will be the shorter Kindle-type books and one will be a longer paperback novel. I’m having fun.


An Independent Website

Well, after a year on, this blog has made its bid for freedom once more and is now a stand alone website again. I still have a version – you can find it here and, if things are working correctly, my updates here will also automatically appear there…. There may yet be a few bugs and tweeks to be made.

I moved the site because, while the social interaction offered by is excellent, it is at the expense of many other functions. For example, I can’t link to my books on Amazon properly, I can’t add an embedded newsletter sign up form and much much more. On this site, I will be adding all of the functionality over time.

Meanwhile, My Haunted Life – Extreme Edition, the paperback, has had its button pushed too and at some point in the next 24-hours will be available to purchase on all the amazon sites and elsewhere besides. The paperback contains all three kindle books and two never before published additional stories as a bonus. So, for those of you who like to smell book smell and hold a real book in your hands, you can now do so and read My Haunted Life…..


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My Haunted Life – Extreme Edition

This month will see the launch of a paperback version of all three My Haunted Life Kindle books plus three bonus stories as My Haunted Life – Extreme Edition.  Meanwhile, the three Kindle books continue to do well – still better in the UK than the US but I am not complaining at all. My Haunted Life Too flirted with the top spot again this weekend…..


Watch out for the cover reveal for the paperback version of My Haunted Life – Extreme Edition – soon!



Indiscriminate Fear

If you take a look at CNN’s front page today you would be forgiven for being afraid. I really begin to believe the constant creation of fear by the media is a ploy to some purpose though quite honestly, I am not sure what. Sorry, I am unafraid. Everything is as it should be.

Of course, much of the CNN real estate is made over the an organization called ISIS. Frankly, I detest this name as it has little to do with the Goddess who is the real Isis. However, this group of a few thousand heart-deadened deadbeats whose ability to poll the depths of human depravity and cruelty appears to know no end, is exactly that – just a few thousand criminals, maniacs and psychopaths. In today’s high tech world, they should be easy meat and the fact they are not being dealt with suggests to me, that to some, they have some purpose – to create fear.

The more this organization does, the more it becomes apparent that this is not the face of Islam. Islam is a beautiful religion in many respects with its own deep mysticism. The biggest issue that I have with Islam is that it is male-dominated and is used by those men to often subjugate and control the feminine. However, that hardly makes it unique or different to other male-dominated religions does it?

No, ISIS isn’t about God, worship or even dogma. It is about anger, fear and violence. The zombie is a good analogy for the soul less of ISIS. They kill muslims with as much enjoyment as they kill christians.

The other big fear creating story at the moment seems to involve aviation and Asia in particular. Again, I am not sure why or for what purpose, but we are being sent message after subliminal and blatant in the face messages – be afraid.

No. I am sorry. I will not be afraid. Not now and not ever. Nor should you be.

Instead, let’s understand that everything is as it should be and that there is nothing to fear except that we will be corralled like dumb beasts into some place we don’t wish to be if we let them.


Rewriting History

They say that the winner gets to write history and of course, there is truth in that. History is always a subjective assessment and there are always several points of view just as when several people observe an event and yet recollect it differently. Another aspect of history is that we often make the mistake of judging by today’s standards forgetting that the historical culture might possibly be not just different but totally alien to us in our time. None the less, history is important we just need to remember that it is imperfect.

In the past, history came mainly from school, books and TV. The message was fairly consistent and led us to believe in a certain take on history. These days, with internet and social media, we are exposed to many different histories where there used to be one. Much of the time, as individuals reading these different versions we are unqualified to decide or judge which may be the closest to the truth. It is, or can be, deeply disturbing to read an alternate version of history, especially one that rubs up against our taught view.

I think its good to have different versions or views on historical events. It makes one think and it challenges long-held viewpoints. However, there is also a lot of nefarious rewriting of history that deeply disturbs me and often is accepted as fact by people on social media who simply are not qualified to be able to decide the truth or fiction of what they read. I was reminded of one today by an article in the Hull Daily Mail of all papers. The article was published a couple of days ago on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Belson concentration camp. It is here for those of you interested enough to follow a link.

What is compelling about such an article is that it was written by an eye witness on the day that the camp was liberated. It is blunt and it is horrific reading. Maybe some people don’t want to believe that humanity is capable of such things, maybe some people simply hate jews, maybe some people want to believe that somehow this whole story was made up for reasons of religion, politics or nationalism. I have no idea why people increasingly feel the need to rewrite history in radical ways. Perhaps humans simply cannot forgive themselves for being human and for being less than perfect. I do not know. I know this though, if we are to learn anything from the past, we must accept that such things did happen and strongly reject attempts to distort and confuse.

Here is an excerpt from the article – I do hope the Hull Daily Mail won’t be too unhappy with me for reproducing it here…

In one hut I found about 50 men huddled almost sore-to-sore. One seemed to have a rail over his head — then you recognised his arms. One seemed just bone till you went close to him and saw that he had skin as well. One, for scabs, could see only through narrow slits of eyes. One was trying to bite rotting wood. One was trying to stand on string-like legs that dangled from a torso the thickness of a naval hawser. But they all said “Hello,” and tried to smile. Half these men were professors, inventors, intellectuals, industrialists, some of them Jews

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US Blues

Here is a funny and strange thing. While my Haunted Life books sit in the Amazon supernatural charts in the UK and around 5-10 books a day are consumed (thanks so much!), the US has deserted me. Its bizarre because I spent 20 years there and have more friends and contacts there than anywhere else……Hell, my three sons still live there! It’s also a large market and one that I need to crack to make progress.

Take for example, January to date. UK – book sales in three figures (that in of itself is a first!) whereas in the USA just 35 sales…….

I have the US blues…

Any ideas fellow authors, scribblers and dreamers as to how to get the great US public to buy my books?


My Haunted Life 3 Now Out!

Brno, Czech Republic, January 23rd. My Haunted Life 3, the final installment in the hit My Haunted Life trilogy of scary but true tales of the paranormal is released today on Kindle. Published by William Collins Publishing, London, My Haunted Life 3 is the final collection of creepy short stories in the popular series.

My Haunted Life 3 includes short stories about ghosts, orbs, strange coincidences and graveyard terror and is released while My Haunted Life Too remains a top 20 Kindle book in the supernatural category on The original My Haunted Life also still features in the best selling supernatural list on Amazon.

All three books in the series are exclusively available on all Amazon sites in Kindle format.

About G. Michael Vasey
G. Michael Vasey is a Yorkshire man and rabid Tigers fan that has spent most of his adult life lost deep in Texas and more lately, in the Czech Republic. While lucky enough to write for a living as a leading analyst in the commodity trading and risk management industry, he surreptitiously writes strange poems and equally strange books and stories on the topics of metaphysics, the occult and the paranormal on the side, hoping that one-day, someone might actually buy them.

After growing up experiencing ghosts, poltergeist and other strange and scary experiences, he developed an interest in magic and the esoteric. These days he fancies himself as a bit of a mystic and a magician to boot. Most of his inspiration for his scribbling comes from either meditation or occasionally, very loud heavy metal music.

He has appeared on radio shows such as Everyday Connection and X Radio with Rob McConnell to tell strange and scary stories. He has also been featured in Chat – Its Fate magazine and interviewed by Ghost Village and Novel Ideas amongst others.

He blogs addictively at and he tweets micro thoughts at @gmvasey. He also reviews a lot of very weird books at

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