Rain moves across my field of vision

A curtain of silver sparkles falling, falling

I marvel how water runs with such precision

Packets of water jostling their way downhill

The air is heavy with warmth and moisture

A heavy drip drips upon my dampened hair

A sound wave ripples by – crashing thunder

Petrichor could indeed be bottled and sold

Become vogue among natural fragrance

The scent of choice for elementals

A statement made simply by chance

The patter of water droplets on the window

Helps me sleep and totally relax

I adore walking in the rain – drenched

Rain, water in motion and nature’s syntax

Washing away my anger and my pain

A gift from the Gods – a statement

And cleansing all the profane

The Art of Science – Now Available

A fifth collection of poetry and free verse is now available… The Art of Science is out today!

the art of science cover

It includes the following poems…


The Cross


Passer By


It Doesn’t Matter


Adam and Eve

Tall Story

The Fool

The News Mogul

Go Figure!

The Art

Confusion Ends

Unholy Vows



A Quandary of Existence

Getting Older

Four Wheel Eroticism

Round and Around

It’s All Fantasy

Who Am I?


The Fall

The Creator’s Smile

Passer By

Travelling a well traveled road

Valleys and mountain peaks pass me by

Dusky deserts and luscious oceans sprawling

Somewhere there is a place unique to me

But I haven’t yet found it

There is no home in my life

I am a traveller, a passer by

These days I travel light

I carry little but my burdens in life

I have washed myself in the stream of life

And burned away dross in the primal fire

I have climbed the tree that lies at my center

The view from its peak took my breath away

I have drawn holy waters from the mystic well

And yet, I haven’t found my home

Perhaps at this journeys end

I will find my repose?

Many miles yet to travel

Many sins to unravel

Casting off baggage and clothes

Casting off ideas not my own

Although I increasingly find myself alone

I understand that we are all one

And it surely cannot be long

Until I find what I am seeking

She is beautiful and wise

Strong and yet sweet

When I find her I will be whole

I will unite with my soul.


The Art of Science – Cover Reveal

The Art of Science – due out sometime in February – is my new collection of poetry. (Yes – I still pop out poetry like its going out of fashion in the simple hope that one day it will be back in fashion…).

However, dah dah!

The cover is now revealed… Designed by Nick Wale…. I love it!

the art of science cover


Dusky curves and veiled, shadowy lines
Tempting teasing tresses
Lie heavily on her naked shoulder
Bold breasts beneath emphatic caresses
She sucks me deep into her fiery world
Draws me, tempts me, ever closer

A smoldering, yet lingering look
Is all that I have to offer
Forlornly following her voluptuous figure
Tracing her curvaceous shape with my finger
My enflamed imagination still rising
Her sultry hotness pulled my trigger

Silken moistness moistly beckons
Tiny pinpricks of pleasure
A voyage of erotically rabid discovery
Honeyed tongue to steal my treasure
Flicked, licked and deliciously twirled
Building to an arching release of pressure


Image: Succubus by Jasonlan (Lan Jun Kang)


In indelible ink
Or the tattoo on my navel
Seared across my open palm
Experienced by the ladle

Snapped shut, my eyes
Drift across
Dreamy inner scenes
A life in perspective
Seeking a new directive

A sure beginning
A waning middle
And uncertain end
Simple sensational synapses
Reliable renewables relapses

I act but did I intend?
I hope and I depend
That the light at the end of my tunnel
Is relief and not further trouble

I got my opinions
And I got my views
Imagination aplenty
Creating cryptic critical crises
With dependable dull devices

In my biological genes
In the redness of my blood
Is it really pre-ordained
Or am I truly self-sustained?


News Mogul

The old lizard stirs
And licks his chops
Juices running
What a story!
Another chance to peddle
It’s horrifically obscene agenda
Pile it on until surrender
Millions in the bank
Reptilian smile
Plays across his mouth
Another story!
Another chance to meddle
And promote his political will
The more blood you spill
The better
Lurid headlines
Crooked techniques
Playing chess
With public opinion
Such a mess
Made by an
Old reptilian

Not sure where this one came from… but, it works….


The Creator’s Smile

Reddened stain
A blot upon humanity
God sheds a tear
At Man’s utter insanity
Inside, deep inside
Surely you have a heart?
Looking for Christ’s glowing bride
Keep looking, as She can’t be lost
She is in there somewhere
You just need to seek harder
Anima Mater is hiding
Tears fall, blood spills
Man is confused over
His Godlike power to kill
Is there victory in Death?
All that hard wrought experience
Be still! Take a breath
Parisian walkways
Laid bare and bereft
Creator sighs a sadly sigh
His adversary beneath laughs
It echoes in the sky like gunfire
Light temporarily obscured in darkness
Trees rustle in the wind
The cloud passes
Light restored, Love adored
A smile of seven colors
As normality is restored


The Cross

Have to admit

I am deeply flawed

And no matter how hard I try

These things so deeply lie


Scorched Earth


Scrubbed Air

Balancing elements

Losing irrelevants

In places

No soap has ever been

In places

No physical eyes have seen

Still, it’s not enough

Some habits hang tough

The flaws magnified

Obsessing over scratches

While missing the gaping wound



Seeing life ooze away

Nothing left except to pray

Elements stirred

Returned to the point

At which we started

When these four were parted


Scorched Earth


Scrubbed Air

Four-lorn, I am

The fifth gets

Short shrift

The Lamb

I am

A Cross

Free of Dross

I am

Yes, I truly am