The Art of Science – Now Available

A fifth collection of poetry and free verse is now available… The Art of Science is out today!

the art of science cover

It includes the following poems…


The Cross


Passer By


It Doesn’t Matter


Adam and Eve

Tall Story

The Fool

The News Mogul

Go Figure!

The Art

Confusion Ends

Unholy Vows



A Quandary of Existence

Getting Older

Four Wheel Eroticism

Round and Around

It’s All Fantasy

Who Am I?


The Fall

The Creator’s Smile

The Creator’s Smile

Occasionally, I have a crack at something I have never done before. But why not try something new? Especially when it comes to promoting my work.

So here, I present a video. It is I reading a poem called The Creator’s Smile from the forthcoming new collection of material entitled The art Of Science. The music is a composition by Paul Vasey my talented son and it is he who plays…. he doesn’t know that I used it and hopefully he won’t be angry!

What do you think?

Overdone? Too arty? Something to work with?