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Sue Vincent passed on the baton of the World Blog Hop to me as it moves from writer to writer across the blogosphere. Apparently, I am to describe my personal writing process and then pass on the assignment to another writer and blogger. Sue and I wrote a book together a while ago but it was all done by email – sort of writing by correspondence! I think it worked though and the book stands as testimony to that process.


Just recently, I have done a few interviews and there is always a question or two about the writing process as if it were formulaic. Perhaps for some it is. For me, there isn’t so much as a process as a frame of mind. Firstly, I need to feel the urge to write and secondarily I need to raise the vibratory level a notch or two and tune into another part of my self. I can achieve that through meditation or music both of which seem to calm my inner space and raise my awareness somewhere beyond me. From that lofty and serene position words flow like streams and rivers towards the sea. Where they will flow I often don’t really know to be honest but flow they do and I bob along following the inner currents where they take me.

The result of this process can be a blog article, a poem (I now have 5 poetry collections published) or indeed, a book. My novel The Last Observer was written in that state of mind and I enjoyed the writing process because the twists and turns in the plot were equally a surprise to me to be honest. The stream of consciousness flowed through some very twisty canyons writing that one!

So, I would love to make it all seem more complex and more high brow than it really is and tell you I did research, edited and edited and rewrote and all the other things that the craft of writing is supposed to entail. Instead, I will tell you the truth. To me writing is like painting. I throw words at a canvas and see what looks good. I do it in a higher mental state. I very rarely do any research and although I do edit progressively, my intention isn’t to be perfect nor win awards for my prose. Nope, its to tell a story and tell it well and that’s it. There is far too much high brow nonsense in writing – a sort of snobbery – its designed to intimidate people who want to write. Well, this is the punk era of writing – anyone can do it and should do it. That’s my view anyway.

Before me
A blank piece of paper
I paint with words
Swirling deep vowel hues
Pictures emerge
With every word I choose

It’s a thrill
To slap those words around
Messy fun with letters
Descriptive nouns
Verbal variations

Letters joined together
Similar sounding sounds
Discordant vibes
A mixed vocal pallet used by
Artistic scribes

(Painting with Words from my Moon Whispers collection)


To be honest, I write for a living. I am a commodity markets technology analyst and I write blog articles, ghost written magazine articles, white papers, research reports and so on. You can check out some of this on CTRMCenter – our firm’s professional portal. My first book was Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul and it was a sort of autobiographical account of growing up psychic and then studying with a school of esoteric science and how that impacted me as a person. I must have got the bug because shortly afterwards, I published my first collection of poetry – Weird Tales. My latest efforts are my novel – The Last Observer – and a couple more poetry collections in Moon Whispers and the brand spanking new – Best Laid Plans. I am sure there will be many more. I like writing and I like sharing it with people too. Surely, thats all the reason I need right there?

The Last Observer was published by Roundfire Books and through the publisher, I have been united with a whole host of other wonderful and marvelous people and writers. Roundfire is an imprint of John Hunt Publishing and it is there I find the writer that I will pass on the baton to in Daniela Norris. Her book, On Dragonfly Wings: a skeptic’s journey to mediumship, was published earlier this year and she has another due out soon called Collecting Feathers: tales from The Other Side. She also blogs over at her site. She is a former Israeli diplomat, turned writer and her stories, articles and essays have been published in numerous newspapers and magazines, and first collection of short stories, titled ‘The Year Spring Turned into Winter’ was out in December 2008. Crossing Qalandiya – Exchanges Across the Israeli Palestinian Divide, co-authored with Shireen Anabtawi, was published in the UK in May 2010.

You can see Daniela’s follow up to this post here.

The Adept Magician

I wonder if any of you have ever met a real magician? Someone capable of making physical magic via their will? Czech magician, Franz Bardon, was one person reputed to have developed such powers and I can recommend the autobiographical account of his life which was written by one of his close associates after his death here in Brno and admittedly goes a bit overboard in its claims. Nonetheless, he could make real magic of that I have no doubts. Despite hanging in magical circles for close to a decade or so, I have never seen or met anyone capable of performing that kind of magic. I have seen and participated in rituals that have had real power and had real results but I have never seen someone make it rain or make something burst into flames simply through an act of will. Do people like this exist? Yes, I am certain of it.

Someone who I have become fortunate enough to correspond with is a gentlemen by the name of Marten Crawford. Marten is also someone who admires Mr. Bardon and who has for many years followed Bardon’s exercises and helped with a Bardon discussion group on line. He and others had some interaction through this discussion group several years ago with a real adept magician who had followed Bardon’s exercises with real success. The interaction makes for remarkable reading and offers significant insights into what it takes to become an adept in real magic. The book is a must read for any aspiring magician. Here is its description…

51Uc7ri7mpL._SL250_Most of us know of gifted people: Van Gogh, Einstein, Bach, Hawking, mathematicians, faith healers, psychics and so on. But did you know other abilities are possible?

With spiritual training one can achieve abilities far beyond anything we can comprehend right now: with the right training.

Cast in the form of conversations, this book is about one such person, a gent who trained using spiritual exercises daily for 30 years, sometimes at great peril to his health, his family, his friends and his financial well–being.

After extraordinary effort, this Magician was capable of creating earthquakes, 360 degree vision and could even stop time itself. Impossible new–age claptrap?

“We are a thought created moment by moment containing all that is, was and ever
shall be: the reflection within the reflection”

Set at the turn of the 21st century with the help of his sponsor, he not only made it to the first great transformation, to the second but on to the third great transformation where the ability to speak thought into being is conferred.

Astonishing, deceptive in it’s unassuming easy style, this book itself is a work of magic designed to bring transformation to the reader in a most subtle way, if one but follows the trail of breadcrumbs this magician left us…

“As like attracts like, when you begin to achieve positive results, you will find every
part of your life changing. The uncommon becomes the familiar, what you never
imagined could be, suddenly is all around you. And that is just the beginning”.

I recommend that you buy this book and look out for my in depth review in a weeks or so….

The Subtle and The Gross

An older post from Asteroth’s Domain…

Asteroth's Domain

For all that meets the bodily sense I deem
Symbolical, one might alphabet
For infant minds: and we in this low world
Placed with our backs to bright Reality,
That we may learn with young unwounded ken
The substance from the shadow.

(The Destiny of Nations – Coleridge)

I am finding The Zelator by Mark Hedsel a fascinating read. I have, in fact, read it at least twice before and it was one of those books that discovered me many years ago. I recall being in Toronto on a business trip and having a couple of hours to kill. I found a cheap bookstore somewhere in town and there was a pile of books called The Zelator. I picked one up and was sold in an instant.

Hedsel discusses at issues and topics at length linking and joining what appear to be unrelated items and directions in a way that…

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New Book – “Doomsday: The Ætheling Thing”

Good books …..

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

DD front cover

Doomsday: The Ætheling Thing
Stuart France & Sue Vincent

“Who was this Arviragus bloke anyway?”

Don studies the light as it plays through his beer, casting prisms on the table. How is it possible to hide such a story… the hidden history of Christianity in Britain? Oh, there are legends of course… old tales… Yet what if there was truth in them? What was it that gave these blessed isles such a special place in the minds of our forefathers? There are some things you are not taught in Sunday School…

From the stone circles of Northern England to the legendary Isle of Avalon, Don and Wen follow the breadcrumbs of history and forgotten lore to uncover a secret veiled in plain sight.

Glaston2 031Wen is checking something in the Dictionary, “Get this… ‘ætheling from O.E. .Æpling, ‘son of a king, man of royal blood, nobleman, chief, prince, king, Christ, God-Man…

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Science is Never Proven

If I had a quid for every time some punter on TV or in the media or even a politician has said “The science is proven” when referring to global warming, I’d be a very wealthy man indeed. I have to tell you, as a Ph.D. scientist myself, every time I hear this I literally cringe. The person saying it or writing it cannot then understand the philosophy of science as no scientist who does would ever utter such a stupidity. Yes – stupidity.

Today, I read an article by a scientist on CNN about the big bang. Please read with me the following excerpts…

“Everyone wants to be right. Most of us sure hate being wrong. But scientists know that new discoveries often change or even invalidate earlier ideas. Being wrong can mean we have learned something new.”


“It’s the way science progresses. You put an idea out there and your colleagues — many of them good friends and scientific collaborators — try to shoot it down.

A scientist’s first reaction to a new idea is often: “That’s wrong because….” To which the proponent replies, “No, you are wrong because…” And so the debate begins.

No matter how much a scientist might hope to be right, nature holds the answer. One theory may be more beautiful than another, or more complicated, or more elegant, but nature doesn’t know or care. The job of a scientist is to find out what the real answer is, not to advocate for any one point of view.

We do that by making careful measurements and assessing the accuracy of the result.”


“That’s one reason the debates will continue until one side convinces the other. But most scientists really don’t care about the “win” — we care about understanding nature.”

And finally..

“Controversy and debate may be messy but that’s how we make progress in science.”

Excerpts from an article by Meg Urry – the Israel Munson professor of physics and astronomy at Yale University and director of the Yale Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics.
You can read her article here.

Yes. That’s how science works – should work anyway and there can never ever be a 100% definitive right position… just a working hypothesis. So please, next time you hear someone tell you that there should be no FURTHER debate on global warming because THE SCIENCE is PROVEN.

Please educate them.

1. Science cannot ever be said to be proven
2. Without debate, there is no science.


Dear parents, you are being lied to.

I am reblogging this because;

1. It’s critically important
2. It’s written by someone who ACTUALLY knows what they are talking about, and
3. It’s really important….

Violent metaphors

Standard of care.

In light of recent outbreaks of measles and other vaccine preventable illnesses, and the refusal of anti-vaccination advocates to acknowledge the problem, I thought it was past time for this post.

Dear parents,

You are being lied to. The people who claim to be acting in the best interests of your children are putting their health and even lives at risk.

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