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G. Michael Vasey is always available for interviews and/or articles. Please contact Gary directly to inquire as to availability and interest.

Interviews and Podcasts with G. Michael Vasey

Beyond Room 313 Symposium 033 – September 2021

Jim Harold’s Ghost Insight – March 2021

Tim Walter Podcast (Intuitive writing) – February 2021

Anthony Peake Consciousness Hour – January 2021

Tim Walter Podcast (Part 2) – November 2020

Tim Walter podcast – October, 2020

Peer Beyond the Veil – September 2020

Conflict Radio – 2020

Passion for the Paranormal – 2019 Halloween Special

FOJ Live – October 2019

Beyond Reality Radio, November 2018

Passion for the Paranormal, November, 2018

All Around The World, Radio Memphis, June 2018

The Existence of Strange Things, April 2018

The Knight’s Pub, June 2017

Mysterious Radio, May 2017

Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast, April 2017

Novel Ideas by Nick Wale, September 2016

Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast, May 2016

Novel Ideas by Nick wale, May 2016

Novel Ideas by Nick wale, April 2016

Jim Harold’s Ghost Insight podcast, July 2015

Real Ghost Stories Online, January 2015

Sloth on Saturday, September 2014

X Radio with Rob McConnell, August 2014

Guest Author Dr. Gary M. Vasey – Rosie Amber Blog, July 2014

Novel Reads by Novel Ideas, June 2014

Chat Its Fate Magazine feature – June 2014

Everyday Connection Interview 2012

Ghost Village Interview – 2006

Articles by G. Michael Vasey

Ghosts of the Living

I Made An Album

The Czech Republic-The Most Haunted Country in the World

Investigating the BEK

The Pink Bus

Medium – A short story read on Real Ghost Stories Online

Are You Creating a Good Reality?

The Grand Awakening Part 2

The Grand Awakening Part 1

The Reality of Magic


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Five Star Treatment 2

Ijagun Poetry Journal


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