I have been writing poetry and songs since I was able to write. Some good, mostly bad….

I have four small poetry books out if you would like to sample my poetry?

The first is called Weird Tales: Other world Poetry,the second is Poems for the Little Room the third is Astral Messages and the latest is Moon Whispers.

There are words I could use to tell you
Exactly how I feel
But they have no meaning
For they are just words
Awkward sounds juxtaposed
Lacking translation
Losing their meaning

Blueness, luminescent, trickling through my
Path of the smaller abyss I follow
Winding and grinding, deep into the sleeper
All a matter of breath control
I can be here; I can be there, everywhere
Remote perception, astral deception
A silent golden shore, ocean translucent
My place of remembrance being
Fire and flame, Michael meandering same
Archangel resplendent
Rising pure fire, pursuing spiritual desire
Into the circle of healing, respectfully kneeling
A timeless location, fiery Sun burning down
Standing stones circling motion
Harmonic spheres, midst peaks of crystalline
Naked – a Tiphareth child
Ticking time coils, Inner sacred energy boils
The savior serpent majestically rises
Kabalistic number, while most of you slumber
So what can be hidden in a name?
Serpentine Kundalini, how will you reveal
And then I feel it rise and rise
Apocalypse of John, speaks to no one – unless
You have eyes to see and ears to hear
Nothing is as it seems
All is one – all interconnected
The one that is the God
That the Church protected
Literal truth is lacking in tact
Deeper meanings meant in fact
Look inside not outside
With the eyes of a child
Seek and yea – ye shall find
That this Universe
Is truly all in your mind?

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