The ‘My Haunted Life’ Trilogy

The Amazon hit My Haunted Life Trilogy features true strange tales of the paranormal experienced by me, my family and friends.  These creepy books are also designed to make you think a bit about the nature of reality and the world we live in. The stories are scary!


These three books are all Amazon supernatural hits – My Haunted Life Too was #1 in two categories on

g michael vasey 1

Read about ghosts, demons, hauntings, strange voices, bizarre happenings…. it is all there!


Sometimes have more to share than we may believe. I will not be buying anything second hand again…

Just finished the book & LOVED it! What a wild, magical (& sometimes terrifying) life you’ve lived so far. Thank you for sharing these wonderfully written stories- looking forward to reading more of your books.”

“.. he clearly has a sixth sense and is able to unwillingly attract and acknowledge unexplainable phenomena. He offers no explanation for his ghostly encounters but presents his personal observations with humour and good reason. Thank you for sharing.”

Scary fun. Enjoyed this selection of shorts very much.”

Some frightening experiences. Makes me think.

Video Trailer

Where to buy the books

At Strange Book Reviews

At Amazon

At Amazon UK site

Direct from me


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