Chasing the Goddess

A little bit of magic.

The journey of discovery continues via the invocation of and meditation on the Slavic goddesses Morana and Vesna through the three Moons of winter and three Moons of Spring. The Goddess of winter and death followed by the goddess of spring and fertility. The outer life mimics the inner life through the long COVID-19 lockdown and colder than usual gloomy winter into an epic battle between winter and spring.

Like the Hero’s journey, I descended into the depths of the underworld with Morana, but did I emerge again with anything of value? An initiation of self that echoed the duality of polarity, the change of the seasons, and much more. I emerged a different person in many ways on the way discovering connections between earth energies and the ancient Slavs.

Strange Timing?

I just watched this trailer on Youtube….

How timely that we are reminded that this world is a matrix – unreal and becoming more unreal everyday with its nonsense narratives trapping the zombies… It is time for us all to awaken and fight back. Time to take the red pill and look a bit harder at the nonsensical agendas, anti science, anti individual and anti reality of the modern world.

Wake up. Fight back by ignoring them, questioning them and getting them tied up in their own lies.

Time to Stand Up and Be Counted

I just watched a video in which a black man had eggs thrown at hime by a white woman wearing a Gorilla mask. One of her ‘friends’ then went on to attack an OAP from behind with a punch. Totally and utterly disgusting behaviour and about as racist as you can get.

But the black man was Larry Elder, a republican so you won’t be hearing any Black Lives Matter narrative from the mainstream media around this issue. For mainstream media and the left wing, racism is exclusively conducted by everyone but them whereas the truth by observation is that it is they who are the racist haters.

Yes – I am forced to use a right wing news outlet as all of the left wing ones cut out the Gorilla mask racist lunatic and the assault of an old man deliberately.

It’s yet another example of the sheer hypocrisy of the left and the media. This video needs to be spread far and wide. People need to see that the left lie, lie and lie.

Now, don’t go thinking I support the right. They too have issues. I hate politics and politicians but Larry Elder is a civilian who has had enough of Democrat narrative led incompetence and stupidity. And so have I. It’s time to call out this woke BS narrative for the hate and stupidity it really is and vote for anyone who is willing to stand up to it.

A Two-Tier Society

My daughter – who I have to say is a chip off the old block – asked her teacher this week why she had to test for COVID each week while the small number of vaccinated kids did not? Of course, the teacher told her because they were protected. Quick as a flash, she asked him – against what? Certainly not COVID if the numbers from Israel, UK and so on are correct. So, why do they not test? They too can catch it, spread it and get sick. Be quiet was the essence of his response.

I have read a lot about vaccine passports and I wrote many months ago that eventually I expected the vaccinated to turn on the unvaccinated. I expect that we will need to ID ourselves – I propose a gold star in remembrance of the last time something like this occurred – and barred from many ‘privileges’. A two-tier society. Perhaps, in the end, and it already has been proposed, we will be rounded up and put into camps. From there, it’s easy to eliminate us isn’t it? Out of sight, out of mind and all that….

Whether that will occur or not, my daughter observed that it already is a two-tier society. She has to go through hoops each week to prove she is fit to attend school. Others do not. Yet, as she rightly points out, they too can get sick and spread COVID and indeed, already are.

We see this now everywhere. You must and should Vax. We will give you a reward to vax. We will punish you if you don’t.


The vaccines plainly are ineffective. Oh, I have heard people tell me that fewer vaxxed folk are seriously ill. You know, let’s wait for this winter to see how true that is. I suspect it too is a falsehood and the early evidence suggests support for my position. Also – let’s wait 4-5 years and see how these experimental vaccines impact humanity. I hope they don’t but all the evidence I have seen says that they will negatively impact some people down the line. If you dig deeper into the real science, the concerns and signs are already there. If you follow the narrative and believe the political lies you are told is science then you won’t see that until well, it bites your ass.

If something is ineffective, why double down and push it harder? Why are the treatments proven to be effective and to work in the medical journals, not just ignored by the media, politicians and Government paid scientists, but censored? What are they afraid of? That their vax gravy train may be over? Check out how many of these prominent people own shares in companies like Pfizer…. and how many of them comply with the agenda – after all British MPS need not Vax to attend Parliament!

However, it already is a two-tier society. The vaxxed and unvaxxed are treated differently despite the fact there appears to be no substantial difference between their abilities to get sick and spread the virus.

How easily did we get there. And how easy it will be to persuade the narrative zombies to take the next steps?

Working with Earth Energies

A few days ago, I had written a blog here about working with the ‘rivers of light’ that are the Earth energy lines. I had proposed you simply find an energy line near you and then step into it and meditate on sending love and loving energies down the line. You see, I see these lines as a sort of grid that connects us, the planet and much more. I know that the lines I have mapped in Brno seem to connect places of importance in my own life even including every place I have lived since arriving here as well as the apartment I have purchased but not yet moved in to. It is hard to explain how I feel about these lines but it is plain to me that they are really significant and have an impact on human and planetary consciousness.

Yesterday, I spoke with Rory Duff – a fellow Geologist and pioneer researcher in Earth energy lines and much more. He has classified and studied these lines for many years and I try to use his classification to describe the lines here that I am mapping as his Type 3. After the call, I watched a couple of his excellent videos and gained a better insight into how he sees these lines and into the connection with the Templars. What struck me though was that as I went through his extensive website, I came across a page he called ‘W.H.T.’ On the page, he says…

The World Harmony Trust is a charity that has been set up to help people become aware of the coming spiritual awakening that is happening all around the World and to promote the significance of group prayer and/or meditation at very sacred sites in the World at very sacred times of the year.

I was happy to find him proposing a very similar thing as well. But, he had gone much further and proposes that you try to find the nodes associated with the lines. He also goes into quite a lot of details about what to do as follows;

You should do what you normally do when your pray and meditate. If we all do that, we all connect at a subconscious level. 

If you would like some basic guidance though, please read the following:-

Group meditation begins with:- 

Breathing in Love & then breathing out Love

VIsualise and Feel this energy coming up into your heart and down into your heart at the same time as your breathe in. Then as you breathe out imagine it going out into the World such that you become a conduit for the energy.

It is important to try and be as intensely positive as you can in these four areas Positive expectation, Self Esteem, Peacefulness & Joy

We tend to split the group meditation sessions at the moment into three.

The first is to connect with the energies and to ask if there is anything we need to know or do at that site at that time

The second is to then carry out any commonly agreed instructions that may have come through and to also send huge love out into the World

The third session is for more personal reasons and it can be for sending healing to friends and family for example

There is usually a 5 min gap between these meditation so anyone can share any thoughts or feelings or visions that came through. The aim is to look for shared and common themes so some validation can occur.

The first session is done generally in silence.

When any sound is ever made, it is to generate a frequency by sounding any of the vowels. From what has been learn a higher sound is made by some of the participants is made along with a lower sound from other participants. The frequencies are intuited such that an overtone comes about from these two sounds and it is the resonance from this overtone that seems to aid meditation.

A facilitator at these group meditations is only there to initiate proceedings. The less arranging that is done seems to lead to the right people being there at the right time.

I have already located a number of nodes and vortices here in the Czech Republic and this is exactly the sort of thing I built this site to do. So if anyone is interested in joining me in these activities, do email me.

Rory’s website is well worth a visit and his idea that these sites are essentially ‘grails’ seems to me to be spot on.

Mistake or Choice?

Quite amazing that Sweden, the country who didnt lockdown etc. has banned Israeli citizens from visiting their country. Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world has the highest infection rate.

And what is the Israeli response to the rising infection rate? Is it to step back and consider why mass vaccination hasn’t worked? Nope, its double down with a booster.

In the UK the vast majority of hospitalized COVID victims over the age of 50 are double jabbed. What is the Government going to do about the failure of the vaccine to protect? Double down and add a booster..

Well, what is the old saying about not making the same mistake twice?

And here are a few other ditties…

The Ego Effect suggests that you’re prone to making the same mistakes over and over again when you protect your beliefs instead of learning from your mistakes and changing your beliefs in response to conflicting evidence.

You can never make the same mistake twice because the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice.

More Energy Line Mapping Strangeness

A recent trip dowsing…

Earth Magic Brno

I had always held a belief that one of the energy lines passing through Brno would most certainly pass through Veveři Castle on Brno lake. After all, it is an ancient Castle and surely must be placed on an energy line. Well, to my utter dismay, this is simply untrue. I spent over 90 minutes walking around and around it tonight vainly seeking a line. There were none. Zip, Nada, Nitz. This left me a bit perplexed.

Driving away from the Castle away from Brno and into the country, my plan was to instead work on one of the lines and map it a bit further northwards. I held a stick in my hand driving just in case. About 300m up the road from the Castle, the stick twitched – a bit like a fish giving a nibble! I pulled over and saw that I had just passed a sizeable…

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‘Clisis Beefing’?…

Stuart France


“…Err… I will say that the President is looking forward to welcoming

Er… the Prime Minister who’s already in town as you know,

having a variety of meetings today… Er… Er…

I would expect… we expect… their conversation to be wide ranging,

to cover a range of topics of mutual interest everything from Covid-19

Er… and our efforts to address the Global Plan-Demic…”

Jen Psaki


 A Questionable Science:

Love and Death in the Time of COVID 

by Stuart France and G. Michael Vasey

‘The Gallows and Gibbet Inn’, proclaimed the sign, which singular nominal ought really to have aroused, if not my shackles then, at least my suspicions. 

Too late, Anu was already tugging me over the threshold into the warmth, and the light, and the sound of voices, and music…

…They were all in there!

Black Jack Davey… Teigue-the-Fool… The Miller’s Son… The Sorcerer’s Apprentice… H.R.H…

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The One-Size Fits All World

I made an appointment 6-weeks ago to see the senior doctor at my clinic. The purpose was, I wanted to get an experts view of COVID and vaccines etc. as opposed to the clueless mainstream media or even more clueless baying mob of narrative zombies. What he told me won’t make those groups very happy at all but I will somewhat keep that information to myself as that conversation enjoyed Doctor-Patient confidentiality. He did say something though that pricked up my ears. It was this.

We give a vaccine that was designed for 80+ patients and therefore made strong to everyone and this is inappropriate. Its a one size fits all vaccine.

Actually, it is becoming a one size fit all world.

He also outlined the sheer lunacy of how different countries in the same region dealt with things. For example, in his opinion, those who have had COVID don’t need a vaccination at all. They have better immunity than the vaccine can deliver naturally. This information has only recently been publicised via a paper in a medical journal but he told me this has been known in the medical community for well over 18-months already. The narrative you see pushes one version of the truth – it’s a one size fits all world.

The people who are most damaged by the vaccines are often those who have had COVID or who have been forced by the bureaucracy to effectively double vaccinate – you know Russians who had Sputnik but to enter the EU need to have an EU approved one instead and vice versa…. In Austria, if you had COVID, no vaccine required. In Germany, if you had COVID only one shot is enough. Meanwhile in Czechia who cares if you had COVID you will vaccinate and twice. One size fits all but different size per region.

The vaccines are relatively harmless (at least in the short-term) to about 80% of the people taking them. The other 20% endure side effects including death. This is not misinformation or anti-vaxx propaganda – its FACT. But we can’t tell who is in that 20% in a one size fits all world can we? Its as if no one cares to be honest. And watching the current US President callously make statements about life and death, perhaps it’s a catchy thing this ‘couldn’t care less you will do as you are told’ value set?

Meanwhile, medical professional take an oath. It’s an important oath and yet many today are breaking that oath. Those that do should be banned from practise.

The problem with left-wing thinking is that the individual is devalued in favour of the group. Left wingers have a tendency to make it a one size fits all world. Combine that with a little bit of totalitarianism/fascism (remember, the Nazis WERE SOCIALISTS) and life on this planet goes to hell in a hand basket. Decisions get made that cause death, destruction and worse to sections of the populace and no one cares.

It isn’t a one-sized fits world. It never was. It is about the individuals that make up a group and not the group. Every man, woman and child is precious. The politicians need to wake up and start realising that their approach is killing people. And not just in terms of vaccination.