Just a few months ago, the powers that be seemed intent on creating a two tier system of vaxxed and unvaxxed. Politicians routinely attempted to light the fires of hatred and division by calling people who chose to exercise their right to dictate their own health management a threat to society, mentally retarded, evil and a whole host of other names. The media – our mutual enemy – echoed this gleefully. There were calls for incarceration of the unvaxxed – put them in camps they said….. Some wished us death and suffering and others suggested we should be denied healthcare and other services. Indeed, in ex-fascist countries like Austria and Germany, they even implemented some of this by creating a system of apartheid. In other so-called democracies, the unvaxxed were denied life saving surgeries and the like all justifiable because we were the new unclean – the new subhuman.

We have seen this all before – warned some of us. ‘Never again’ was supposed to be ingrained in our culture but how easily and quickly the masses of humanity showed its total inhumanity. All promoted and pushed by the triumvirate of politicians, high tech companies and the mainstream media (and WEF).

Here we are a few months later and this has all but gone. It evaporated overnight as more and more people woke up to the fact that the vaccines didn’t work, caused horrendous side effects and that COVID in its latest form, wasn’t much of a deal at all frankly. The Russian invasion of Ukraine also allowed the Triumvirate to create a new monster in our minds without even a hint of apology for their disgusting and inhuman calls for the annihilation of the unclean unvaxxed – the Russian. Once again, they show their total inhumanity…. like the average Russian would be in favor of cold blooded murder of their fellow Slavs in a neighboring country if they actually had a clue as to what was going on…

Yes, the media in particular disgusts me. But those politicians need to be fired. Let’s not forget that these people actually said these things, called for people to be treated like subhumans – for exercising free will. A paramount virtue of western society.

Never forget.

My Garmin Watch Shows Up COVID

I bought a Garmin watch about two months ago and replaced my Apple watch with it. I wanted something that I can use hiking and trailing out in the wilds with real GPS sophistication. Blame the survival course I did last summer!

Anyway, about 4 weeks ago, I finally caught COVID. After a week or so most of the symptoms had gone except the worst sort of tiredness I had had since glandular fever as a teen. It wasn’t just that though, I felt like someone else – irritable, mentally exhausted with poor memory.

I realised that my Garmin – which measures stress using heart rate etc. and offers a view on your energy levels via a ‘body battery’ reading was showing my heart rate as consistently 5-8 beats higher than prior to COVID, stress levels much higher, body battery much lower and that heart rate…. up at 90 resting at times.

Well, today I finally feel more like myself. I notice that yesterday and today my Garmin watch is showing stress and heart rate levels much closer to where they were before COVID….

Interesting huh?

Let’s hope it stays more normal going forward….

The Deluded Elite

Typical politicians these days tend to be under informed and over confident. They have a certain arrogance of feeling themselves to being right yet fear any kind of debate or questioning relying on insult rather than fact, to argue. They are a certain kind of person – deluded and dangerous using fear to divide and control. Incapable of critical thought or good policy making, they follow a narrative with their heads in the sand knowing full well that as a member of the petty elite, their rules will never need apply to them – just to us – the plebs.

These people need to be voted out of office. It is that simple.

The Brainwashed Generation

Watched a video yesterday in which several teens expressed their fear of climate change. It wasn’t fear – it was terror. They truly expect to die. How the hell did we get there?

I’m not sure why they expect to die. The climate changes and that is proof our planet still lives. When climate stops changing, we are in trouble.

The IPCC report was cited as gospel yet the IPCC report fixates on just one extreme hypothesis around climate – one that is patently is wrong and not backed up by observation. The hijacking of science by the narrative brigade is a joke to me – I know what science is – I know it is not about proof but theories and argument. I know the IPCC to be political pseudo science drivel with an agenda in mind.

As young brainwashed people scream for an end to oil and gas, I would like then to be given an opportunity to live in an oil and gas free world first. I’d like them to understand how much more difficult life was in the 18th Century that they so want back again. Oil is the basis of everything they take for granted – wealth, comfort and modern life. Without oil, life will be a short struggle in the cold.

I don’t know who indoctrinated these kids with this irrational fear but I think they need to rot in hell for it. They have done a generation damage – brain damage – that will be difficult to unravel and could result in mass death.

The Digital ID is Only About Control

I had COVID finally. I tested positive a week last Monday and this Wednesday, I got an email from the Czech health ministry. What was it? It was my Recovered Digital ID.

Well, how the hell did they know I had recovered? I didn’t have another test and haven’t tested negative. I didn’t ask for this ID and am surprised to get it as it has no use here in Czechia. I can only surmise that they know that COVID is survivable to us unvaxxed folk at age 62 and that they automatically send recovery certificates without even bothering to check if the person indeed has recovered.

So what does this mean?

It can only mean one thing. The ID is about control and they still intend to use them at some point in the future.

Well, they can go screw themselves. I will NOT use a digital ID now or ever. I have an ID. It’s my passport. That is all I will ever use or have.

If they block me from certain activities. No issue – we will simply create a new and better alternative universe. So fˆˆk them.

To me this is proof positive that we are still fighting a battle for our freedom. Do not let your guard down – not now or ever!

False News – New Single

New single out soon on all electronic music sites – Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and so on…. It’s called False News……

The track was written by me when I was 14 years old. I recorded the track a couple of years ago – instrumental only – and couldn’t decide what to do with it until this morning….

Let me know what you think when you hear it?