Smoke and Mirrors

From where I sit, we appear to live in a world of illusion – smoke and mirrors. One where the planet is burning up, there is a climate emergency, a pandemic that is killing people in droves globally, where masks are essential, and on and on and on. A world in which freedom of speech is somehow now an undesirable right wing trait along with common sense and constructive thinking. Where the media has everything dumbed down to crisp fear mongering soundbites and where my PhD in Geology is now actually a PhD in denial. In short, it is as if the world has gone mad. Up is down and down is up and if I don’t agree I am a denier. Well, sorry, I don’t and I am not alone.

I see a descent into totalitarian hell going on honestly and it isn’t a slow one either. Big Tech and the media are pushing this agenda as hard as they possibly can and it amounts to a whole bunch of lies. In areas where I have some expertise and read the actual science, there is no evidence of a climate emergency, the planet is NOT burning up, forest fires are down, significant weather events are down, CO2 is plant food and a little bit more of it has greened the planet (says NASA). But I’m a denier. Soon, I have no doubt I will be shunned by some of you and I suspect that some of you will cheer on as people like me are denied basic rights and finally put in internment camps. OK thats a bit strong but that is where it is headed….

First, people like me are called deniers, then we are de-platformed so we cannot speak freely anymore – muzzled. Next, we are besmirched, called names, we have our reputations questioned along with our motives. And then imagine when the media starts calling for us not just to be cancelled but seen as a threat. It’s already started people. In the US, the left is already demanding it. Then all those others who want to be seen to be onside – they start reporting their friends and neighbors, relatives and rivals…. the media whips up the anti-denier mob and pretty soon…… It can happen and we are already just a short step or two away.

I didn’t vote in the US election (again). I could not vote for Trump and I seriously have nothing but bile for the Biden/Harris agenda. Yet 70+ million did vote for Trump and there are calls for this half of the US population to be blacklisted, called out. We are at the beginning of a witch hunt in which people with a conservative bend or just who value freedom of speech will be persecuted. Think I am joking? Well, just pay attention to the narrative – Listen and watch.

Politics bores me. The same issues and the same arguments ad infinitum. But I now frame things like this. There are two types of people – those who look at how Government is protecting personal freedoms and freedom of speech and those who appear to want more and greater centralization of power and say and are willing to give up these basic human rights – whether they know that or not). I belong in the former camp and I am alarmed at how most Governments and politicians are in the latter camp.

Wake up …. before it is too late. And don’t tell me I am wrong… I am not. The suppression of criticism of the narrative is happening daily and getting worse.

Snail’s Pace

Who else is sometimes nostalgic for the days before mobile phones?????

The Silent Eye

The internet was playing up, the email account had been hacked yet again, pages were taking up to ten minutes each to load and anything that had images or video took longer. It was going to be one of those days. It seems to be a common problem and it makes trying to work exceedingly difficult as well as frustrating. It highlights just how dependant we have become on a technology that really is quite new. Society has adopted computers and the internet wholesale and within a generation we have, rather than finding a little slot within our lives into which it might fit, changed our entire lifestyle to work with it.

It is amazing when you really look at it…millions of people use the internet daily; the world, or so it feels, would simply collapse in so many ways without its possibilities yet, when my own children were young…

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Where is the Government Advice?

I wrote a quick post on my personal FB account this morning and in the end I though it worthwhile expanding upon here. Where is the Government advice?

There are always things you can do during an epidemic. You can take steps to bolster your immunity for example as I am doing. But then, I realised that all the information I am getting about how to do this is coming form ‘alternative’ sources. There is no advice that I know of from Governments or from the mainstream media. In fact, quite the reverse, they seem intent on getting us all sick. Let me explain.

Here are a whole bunch of things we can all do to boost our immune systems and stay healthy as possible…

  • Take vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D, C and Zinc, Magnesium and so on. You can also check your diet and ensure that the food you are eating is healthy and itself provides these nutrients. Avoid fast food and poor diets,
  • Get plenty of fresh air and exercise,
  • Get 8 hours of sleep per night,
  • Avoid stress and use meditation, for example, to relax or even some nice music.

See. Just an example of common sense things to do. Yet, have the Governments or mainstream media told us this? No. In fact, they have basically pushed us in the opposite way as follows..

  • Stay at home under lockdown – ie no sunlight for vitamin D and little exercise, poor diet and stress,
  • Avoid other people – increase in stress and mental stress meaning more cortisol and reduced immunity,
  • Wear masks everywhere meaning no fresh air but your own exhalations, damp masks prone to bacterial and other infections, improper mask, improper fitting of masks, using masks for longer than the recommended 20 minutes before exchange and wearing masks when it is unnecessary – reduction in immune system and risk of infection and illness,
  • For vulnerable people – locked up and isolated causing stress and mental issues like depression,
  • Shut down of gyms and wellness – obvious really but inability to relax, destress and inability to visit tanning salon for vitamin D boost if you wanted to,
  • Constant churn of fear – reporting daily deaths rather than survival statistics, talking about new, more dangerous mutations, causing people to resent others who follow the above or have issues with the lockdown and so on – causes stress


It’s almost as if they want us all sick?

Distorted reality

A nice post about reality, actuality and how we see things….

The Silent Eye


I stood outside my son’s bedroom, bundled up against the cold that was dropping a few meagre snowflakes on the morning. Camera in hand, I was snapping away happily when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the window. The double glazing caught a pair of misaligned reflections, within which was caught yet another reflection from the infinity mirror on the far wall. You could see both the garden outside and the inside of the bedroom too; the one indistinguishable from the other to the eye that caught only the two-dimensional image on the glass.

At first glance, the eye saw what the lens sees, a single flat image. It took a few moments for the mind, filled with its knowledge and experience of the three-dimensional world, to begin to tease apart the various overlapping images and make sense of what they eye was seeing. I was conscious of…

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So What Was All That About Part 2

Back in 2005, I wrote an autobiographical account of my experiences with a school of esoteric sciences published by Thoth. It didn’t sell that well but it got good reviews and was put on the school reading list by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki. I thought that was that to be honest. Then, in 2013ish, a few people said I should write a ghost story book and perhaps expand on some of my own experiences that I had outlined in the Thoth title. The idea seemed a good one (I had published several business books, poetry collections and a novella in that period).

So, in 2014, I self-published My Haunted Life. It was a collection of the strange things that had happened to me. Part ghost story, poltergeist activity and just weird stories like the time a voice shouted at me to stop my car (as I recounted on the Anthony Peake Consciousness Hour recently). The strange thing was that the book sold…… To date, it has sold 1620 copies. Not too bad. It is rated an average of 4.1 on Amazon and one Amazon customer posted this review…

My Haunted Life is a compendium of strange (but true) stories of the paranormal by G. Michael Vasey that evokes an era where as teenagers we would sit huddled together in a neighbour’s darkened lounge late into the night (usually after a Hammer Horror movie), and listen entranced while one of the group would eagerly frighten the others with tales of the paranormal experiences of a friend or relative.As someone around the same age as the author, who grew up in similar circumstances in the north of England, then there were always aspects of the book that would resonate with me. Each paranormal experience is told in an engaging and relaxed style, as if the author were casually chatting at a dinner party, thereby creating genuine interest and fascination in his stories, rather than simply trying to scare the kids around the camp fire. He is not afraid to ridicule himself at times, such as when the source of an unexplained noise and movement turns out to be a cow rubbing against a rope, nor is he afraid to express his fears at being ‘a sensitive’.The book doesn’t drip with suspense – the narration is more thought provoking than scary and for readers looking for a quick ‘he’s behind you’ fright with a happy ending, then this is probably not the book for you. However, if you have an interest in the paranormal and an open mind, then I would recommend My Haunted Life. It’s a book that makes the reader ask questions – and that can only be a good thing.

Since it did quite well, I hatched a plan to write a follow up using a few more of my own experiences and those of people I knew – friends and family. I called it My Haunted Life Too. I recall that a couple of days after its release, we drove to an Austrian ski resort for some skiing and on the way, I began to feel unwell. This developed into a very bad stomach flu so I spent the 3 days in bed while my ex and our daughter skied! The only thing that cheered me up was to find that the book was officially #1 in supernatural on while I was there!

With 18 ratings on, it has an average of 3.5 by virtue of a few highly negative reviews. Nonetheless it sold very well and remained in the best seller lists for a while. It has sold 1550 copies to date. Mel, writing a review on Amazon said “Just as good as the first My Haunted Life. Can’t get enough of it.” The two books seemed to put me on the map as well and in no time I was getting invites to guest on podcasts of various sorts which only helped keep the momentum up. I also learned the value of a good cover image….

I like to do things in threes, so I immediately started asking friends and relatives for more stories and these duly appeared as My Haunted Life 3 but this one didn’t do quite so well – possibly because I was telling other people’s stories. However, it has sold around 800 copies to date and it did briefly enter the best seller lists as well. Its 9 ratings average 3.8 and reviewer PS Winn said “I enjoyed this collection and felt the author did a great job of making the reader stop and think about just how close the other world is to this one. The tales are believable, mostly I think because they are eerie without being horrific and the author isn’t trying to scare you to death. Rather the reader is left with a few goose bumps and may think twice about any close encounters they may have written off as mere coincidence. I think this book will appeal to a lot of readers and I urge you to grab a copy.”

There was one final extension in the series in the Summer of 2015 when heeding criticism of the books being short, I combined them all, added a little more material and put out My Haunted Life – The Extreme Edition. This one hasn’t done so well but it is a compilation of previously published material so its added sales of around 350 copies but mainly paperbacks. The last story in the book is my favorite story of all and it ONLY appears in this book. The collection was rated an average of 4.6 out of 5 – higher than any of the individual books.

Will5967 writes “G. Michael Vasey is not only a prolific writer, but a genuinely good story teller. His knack for writing ghost stories in particular is evident in this “Extreme Edition” of his ‘My Haunted Life’ series, which is actually a compilation of the first three, previously released volumes. New material has been added, of course, so this edition is definitely a good place to start if you haven’t yet read the author’s previous work. The first third of the book is probably the most interesting, but then again, there are actually somewhat (though of course arguably) better stories recounted in the latter two-thirds of the book. And although this certainly isn’t the scariest collection of ghostly encounters I’ve ever read, what really makes this particular compendium stand out from similar efforts by less competent writers is just how truly personable, engaging, and thoughtful the author genuinely comes off as being. Of course there are the usual typos, word omissions and the like, here and there, but absolutely nothing too distracting overall. And really, even if this isn’t actually the most terrifying collection of paranormal tales you’ll ever encounter, it’s certainly a lot of fun to read just the same. What’s more, Mr. Vasey’s fascinating ideas about the paranormal, and his musings about the very nature of Life and existence itself, are terribly interesting and thought provoking, to say the least.

The next step turned out to be starting the My Haunted Life Too website where I collect YOUR stories and encounters with the paranormal. This website is quite popular and has provided many book ideas since….. I also started during this first series not to just write the stories but try to understand what was occurring and in doing so, I started to build a set of ideas and theories about the paranormal that I think has set me a bit apart from other story tellers.

A Nice Endorsement

As many of you will know, I was a guest on the Anthony Peake Consciousness Hour on Sunday and that was quite the chat! During the broadcast, Anthony referenced how scary my books were a couple of times and so I asked if he would mind me making a short promotional video using his words. He kindly agreed. So here it is – it is very short but thanks to Anthony Peake for this endorsement!

Creating A Silent Space – An interview with Michael Coleman

The latest The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey podcast is now out in the usual places (Apple, Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify etc.). I talk to Michael Coleman about his spiritual journey and his opening of a retreat in Lincolnshire. Michael is an old business colleague of mine that I worked with for many years never knowing he had any interest in such matters at all and vice versa.

It was an interesting conversation that covered a lot of ground. Please do give it a listen and visit Michael’s website. Here is an excerpt form one of the blog articles there on the topic of desire

The process of meditation, the experience of it, has you realise that you are not the grasping ego. In deep meditation you find that you are not a person at all in the sense of “me and mine” – my history, my family, my life, my desires. The realisation gradually gets stronger the more you meditate. So that after some time you begin to see that the story of me, the story of my life is just that  – a story. As you become more familiar with the experience pure being, the grasping, needing to possess ego loses its grip. It ceases to seem like reality. After some time it even seems funny that we were so deluded by an obvious trick of the mind.  And so gradually little by little we return to our natural state of being where taking delight in the present puts us in a permanent state of inner peace and joy – even when we meet a difficult situation the state of inner being stays peaceful and joyful.

By this gradual realisation process the longing part of the desire mechanism fades away. We take pleasure in what we have in the present. We take pleasure in imagining the future – our desire is no less potent but we no longer need it – no longer must have it – no longer feel miserable if we don’t have it. This is true equanimity. This is true non-attachment to desire. No need to cultivate fake moods, dullness and unnatural suppression of life.

Relishing Winter

It’s a proper winter. Cold everywhere and shattering records for snowfall and coldness everywhere from Japan and China to the Sahara. Bad news for The Guardian – more snow than I have seen in a year or two and certainly NOT a thing of the past. Why anyone should be surprised given that the Sun went into one of its cooling cycles (Oh yes, some people think CO2 is the driver of climate/weather – that gas that plants breathe and is currently about 1/3rd of where on average it has been for the last 100 million years and despite all of the published science clearly showing that it isn’t).

Apologies – I hadn’t intended this as a climate change blog at all – I just got a tad carried away!

My walk around the Castle today took place in magnificent winter sun sparkling off of fresh snowfall amid -2C temperatures. It seemed a wonderful day to try to walk and invoke Morana – the Goddess of Winter in Slavic lands and I did so. It’s amazing how this alters your perception of sights and sounds. Suddenly, the world is brighter and more vibrant – more real. As I imagined her form and took it on as me, a strong gust of icy wind hit me buffetting me and showering me with shards of snow and ice from nearby trees. It was a ‘Hello’ from Morana and I could sense Her in the wind and all around. Cold, aloof, proud and haughty. It is Her season now and She is Queen – the Snow Queen.

I was struck also by the realization that although it is winter and much is sleeping – hibernating – or has died. The Castle hill is awash with birds and sounds of life. The drilling of a woodpecker, the squawks of crows as the work the territory for food in groups of 5 or 6 birds, the sweet songs of smaller Tits of amazing colors and shades hopping from branch to branch and feeding at little sacks of food kindly left tied to trees by some bird lover. Although life seems to have withdrawn into the Earth, there is still much going on.

Today, I seemed to tune in to a lighter side of winter and of the goddess. She isn’t all death and darkness it seemed to me. In deed, there seemed to be a little playfulness in evidence today – visible in the birds and in the gusts of icy wind and snow. And even in the visage and profile of a snowman someone had built!

So What Was That All About? Part 1

As an author, I want to see my books discovered, read and enjoyed. So I thought that I would do a multi-part blog periodically about some of my books. to rekindle interest and perhaps introduce you to books you never knew existed? I’m going to start with my attempts to write fiction. Something I haven’t attempted too often.

The Last Observer

Several years ago, my eldest son was at Kings College, London for a semester. I had moved. back to Europe in 2006 and so this was a wonderful opportunity to see him as he was at college in Minneapolis – St. Paul at Macalester College. We had a wonderful time together and one evening after showing me around King’s College, we headed across the road for a beer. The beer turned into several as we explored reality, quantum physics and some impressions I had got from meditation about the observer. I recall leaving flushed with beer and feeling upbeat after he told me you should write that novel. We had ended up discussing a plot you see….

A couple of more years went by and I would often think about writing THAT book but nothing happened until that one day when I decided to do it. The book turned into a novella about a guy called Stan. Stan was just an ordinary guy except for his imagination. He had a vivid imagination so much so that he became addicted to reading books as he could essentially see them as a movie in his mind more real than the outer world. What Stan didn’t know was that nearby a mackical lodge was investigating the sudden deaths of a number of psychics, occultists and paranormal investigators. Edward, leading that investigation had become convinced that there was a sinister motive behind these killings – these people were observers. They had the special skill of collapsing the waveform to maintain reality. He had identified Stan as one of the last remaining people with this essential talent.

Called The Last Observer the book was published by Roundfire in 2013 and it actually did OK. It sold around 400 copies and it still sells in drip feed fashion. It is available in paperback, Kindle and audio versions. The audio is read so very well by amazing voice talent Darren Marlar. It features a thoughtful foreword by Anthony Peake, author of many books about the nature of reality. 86% of its 32 ratings are 4 or 5. For some reason, it attracted the interest of an American University Professor who didn’t like it all. He and a couple of his students engaged in what I can only describe of a bit of a vendetta for some reason against the book which I think actually helped it sell! Here is one 4 tsar review that I like by Alan titled Don’t read this in the bath!.

“… nothing worse than the water going cold half way through.

Way too short, at just over 100 pages, it takes a couple of chapters for Dr Vasey to find his voice (shame on the publisher for not assisting in this respect) but, once he does… do up your seatbelt and get prepared for a ride!

More than a few of the esoteric truths, which the evil Zeltan so desperately wants to protect, are worked into a fast paced romp across the English countryside, culminating in the most unexpected face off imaginable. Controversial ideas, which will prove hard to swallow, both in the scientific and in the magical camps, are woven into a storyline of considerable ingenuity.

Guaranteed to leave the casual reader wanting more, and the “magical reader” desperately flipping back, jaw agape… A must have addition to any esoteric library.”

I like this review as it is spot on – the first two chapters are not great and then it gets going…. In the tradition of Aleister Crowley and Dionne Fortune, it is laced with esoteric knowledge as well as a smattering of quantum physics (and that is where the comparison ends). I even made a couple of promo videos for it…

The Lord of The Elements

Well, some people liked and enjoyed The Last Observer so much they asked me to do another with the same characters. It took me a while to get around to it though and by the time I did, I think the impetus was gone and this book probably hasn’t managed more than 30 copies, which is unfortunate for it is much better than the first (in my opinion). I decided to go back and write a prequel to explain some of the twists in The Last Observer (so – do NOT read this one first!!!). It follows the early days of Edward and his beginnings in magic however the main plot revolves around a grimoire called the The Grimoire El Natlez and its mysterious author reputed to have found the secret to eternal life. Here is the book blurb…

Black Magic, Demonic Possession, Astral Travel and Bilocation, Ouija Boards, Good Versus Evil…. this story has it all….

Edward Bright searches for a lost Grimoire written by a magician who purportedly found the elixir of eternal life – The Grimoire El Natlez. Meanwhile, William meets the enigmatic and hypnotic, Ralph Meister, who promises him a life of wealth, women, and fame, in return for his soul. Behind all of these events is a sinister and powerful demon – the Lord of the Elements.

Lord of the Elements is the prequel to The Last Observer and book 2 in the series which finds both Edward and William in a magical battle for their very souls.

A short, but twisty, story that holds nothing back. Full of magic and occult. This book is a real ride through the battle between good and evil and the process of discovery of the ultimate truth.

Will William find a way to avoid losing his soul? Will Edward find his Grimoire?

Grab your copy of Lord of the Elements and find out.

It has just one 5 star review from Paul Hilton who says…”A great read for anyone who enjoys occult fiction. A splendid follow up to the Last Observer which I can highly recommend. Can’t wait for the next one.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be a next one…but you never know!

It is available in paperback and Kindle. I have been told the cover is too scary! What do you think?

The Pink Bus

In terms of books that sink without trace, The Pink Bus holds that accolade amongst my work. Again, I’m not sure why. It is a collection of short stories with an esoteric theme. The full title is THE PINK BUS.: Amazing Paranormal Encounters After Death: Uplifting Short Stories. Hmmmm – too long perhaps?

This is the first day of a new life. You wake up one morning, and you get out of bed. You find your slippers, light a cigarette, and look for her. Your wife is nowhere to be seen, the only thing you can hear is kids screaming past your house playing football. You walk down the stairs, half-asleep, and head to the kitchen. You want to pour yourself that morning elixir. You head into the kitchen, and you see the white envelope on the counter. You open it. It’s a card. The flowers on the front tell you that it was sent for an occasion. You open it and see your name. You’ve just read a sympathy card—and the sympathy comes from the fact that you are dead, and everyone is at your funeral. You are the occasion.

It all makes sense now. But all the things you should have done—all the things you wished you’d done—flood your mind. One question blurts out above the rest. You now know the answer, but millions of people on Earth still do not.

So now you know how it stands. But have you ever asked yourself, “What happens when I die? If I just cease to exist, then what was the point of it all?”

If you have, then these encounters will chill you. As we travel on our journey, we will explore tales of reincarnation, life as a ghost, life as a god, creating your own reality, and much more. Each is tinged with a little mystery and magic to make you wonder what is the meaning of life.

La-La land is that place we go in our imagination when we daydream. It is a land full of magic, mystery and endless alternatives, tinged with a bit of fear, doubt and uncertainty.

Your guide will be G. Michael Vasey, an adventurer of the paranormal. You’ll learn from him, so why don’t you come with us? All aboard the Pink Bus for a magical tour of reality. It’s later than you think….

THE PINK BUS.: Amazing Paranormal Encounters After Death by G. Michael Vasey is a collection of supernatural vignettes and short stories about dying, death and the other side.

This one you can grab in Kindle or Audio book read by Lorraine Ansell. This one has “sold” a few more than I thought actually at 161 though 98 of those were free giveaways!

I suspect that on this my timing was wrong. I had just had a huge hit with a ghost stories book… plainly, this wasn’t what people wanted or expected as my follow up.

Anthony Peake Podcast

On Sunday evening I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Anthony Peake consciousness hour. It went out live on Facebook and is now up on Anthony’s video channel. For those of you who it may interest, please do take a look at what turned into a very all encompassing conversation.

We covered some ground including my background, how I got interested in magic, some of my early experiences which actually support Anthony’s ideas expressed in his books like The Daemon: A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self and Is There Life After Death?. We talked about joining magical schools like the Servants of the Light that Anthony had also been exposed to and The Silent Eye before talking about my solo activities in magic here in the Czech Republic. Finally, we talked a bit about Black-Eyed Kids, bilocation and Parasitic Entities……

I had had Anthony on my podcast a while ago and you can listen to that discussion here.