Selling Your Soul?

How many times do we see celebrities come out and say things that are illogical for a rich privileged person? How often do we see them behaving in ways that perhaps we wish they wouldn’t because they are sending a bad example to our young?

What if many celebrities sold their soul for fame and money and this then is how they repay their soul’s keeper – and what if the price of their fame and fortune truly is eternal damnation?

I explored that concept a little in my novella The Lord of the Elements. It was the prequel to The Last Observer yet I took the tack that selling one’s soul was something people did…… I set it in a magical context and then let my imagination run riot…

A great read for anyone who enjoys occult fiction. A splendid follow up to the Last Observer which I can highly recommend. Can’t wait for the next one. Amazon Review.

Black Magic, Demonic Possession, Astral Travel and Bilocation, Ouija Boards, Good Versus Evil…. this story has it all….

Edward Bright searches for a lost Grimoire written by a magician who purportedly found the elixir of eternal life – The Grimoire El Natlez. Meanwhile, William meets the enigmatic and hypnotic, Ralph Meister, who promises him a life of wealth, women, and fame, in return for his soul. Behind all of these events is a sinister and powerful demon – the Lord of the Elements.

Lord of the Elements is the prequel to The Last Observer and book 2 in the series which finds both Edward and William in a magical battle for their very souls.

A short, but twisty, story that holds nothing back. Full of magic and occult. This book is a real ride through the battle between good and evil and the process of discovery of the ultimate truth.

Will William find a way to avoid losing his soul? Will Edward find his Grimoire?

Grab your copy of Lord of the Elements and find out.

Please Explain?

In the western world (North America and UK mainly – although the illness pervades many other countries too), there are those who insist that we all get jabbed – yes, even the kids who pose no threat to anyone. This isn’t a polite insistence in some quarters. No, it’s one delivered with threats. Those threats are of removing rights and even of violence, jail and so forth. I predicted this remember?

Now, I keep trying to get my head around it – possibly I am simply wasting my time as there is no logic behind it.

For me, if you got jabbed then why would you worry about others who chose not to? It’s not out of concern or love for your fellow human as – well, see above – it comes with threats to my health, wellbeing and safety. If the ‘vaccine’ is what you plainly believe it to be then you are protected right? How can I be a threat to you?

Or could it be that getting jabbed isn’t really about COVID at all? It’s virtue signaling and a way to see who is different? Because if you are jabbed, then you are either safe or you made a mistake? And, if you made a mistake, why ask me to repeat it by jabbing too?

Maybe you worry about herd immunity? Well, they told us that around 70% would get that and when you add those who probably will jab and those who have had it, her immunity isn’t in doubt. So, nope – it isn’t that.

It is actually a sickness that pervades humanity right now. Officious righteous believers indignantly wanting to persecute those who don’t follow the agenda. It reminds me of a zombie movie – join us and be damned or be damned anyway! One in which we must all do as we are told in dictatorial fashion and if we do not, the powers that be will whip up a frenzy against us. The powers that be will cause their people – the gullible who do as they are told – that those that do not are a danger to them and to society as a whole. Next, we will be marked out and we all know what follows don’t we – we were there many times in human history…

The fact is, if you got jabbed, you are either protected or doomed – we will find out through time. I am no threat to you save so stand out as someone who has a MIND OF THEIR OWN. A very dangerous thing in a totalitarian society……

Grab your copy of our new book – A Questionable Science – out now!

Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh…

This morning I got my automated ‘Hull City’ email from Google. I’m from Hull and I have followed the football club all my life. Of course, the Google email simply picks up on the words ‘Hull City’ so it brings in a number of other stories as well.

I had to laugh when I saw two headlines from the local Hull Daily Mail one on top of the other in my Google email….

The first calls Hull one of the UK’s hidden secrets……. seeking visitors.

And for those taken with that idea, story two – welcome to the rat infested city of Hull!

Am I the only one that finds that juxtaposition a tad unfortunate?

I’m a Nice Guy…. Really!!

I must come across on this blog as a grumpy old git. Although, I usually want to stick to the esoteric and spiritual, this blog is also a bit of a safety valve for me as I watch the idiocy that is often the modern world. I really am a pussy cat folks….. I am generous, self-sufficient, responsible and I work hard. I have many and varied interests and my family comes first. No – nowhere near perfect but I’m not the moaning opinionated old git I can sometimes sound like!

The problem is that I am also someone who won’t just quietly sit back and watch the world make mistakes. When I see something that I know is wrong – I say so. I am honest to a fault and I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Case in point.

I just got an email to my professional email account. It was essentially spam and against GDPR. Now, getting spammed is one thing but …. and this was the bit that got me … the spammer wants me to set up a meeting in HER calendar!


Is it just me that chokes on my coffee making a mess all over my desk when I read that? The pure cheek!

I added her to the list of blocked spammers. Usually, that would be the end of it but really? She can’t be bothered to set up the appointment she wants?

OK – I know this is the modern way. Perhaps I am showing my advancing years here but I find this obnoxious. You want a meeting with me – you set it up! Not me.

Do you agree?

Peek-a-Boo Flu!…

France & Vincent


Big-Bee’s bunker looked like it had been burgled by way of an untidy search…


The rustling and scraping sound emanating from a corner of the room

behind the television-screen suggested that the burglar may very well

have still been about his or her untidy search.


“What the devil…” exclaimed Big-Bee, peering incredulously

around the edge of the television-screen at a now wide-eyed

Teigue-the-Fool seemingly caught red-handed, “…are you up to?”


Teigue thrust the latest edition of The Moon under Big-Bee’s nose.

The front-page headline read, ‘Flu eradicated!’

“It’s not possible to eradicate coronaviruses sire,” said Teigue,

“So, it must be here somewhere.”


“You think I’m hiding a virus in my bunker! Have you gone mad?”

“Not the virus, sire. The announcement that you were intending

to run the Flu and Covid statistics together.”


“Out!” shouted Big-Bee,

his hand shaking uncontrollably, as he pointed to…

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Amazon and Reviews

After yesterday’s post, it struck me that there is a lot to be said about Amazon and reviews in general. For an author who choses to mostly produce their own work on Amazon, or I suppose any author really, Amazon reviews are important. It’s why so many of us constantly ask for reviews.

Like I have said, I don’t particularly mind bad reviews. Hell, even Shakespeare has bad reviews on Amazon so who am I to complain if someone hates my book? In fact, bad reviews can even help sell a book. What I do not like are fictitious reviews and those that are written as a form of personal attack or just to basically trash you and your work. That does happen and a lot – just go read a few reviews on Amazon…. For a while, I had a serial reviewer who posted a 1-star review on most of my books and comments about poor editing and so on. Back then, you could complain to Amazon and several were in fact removed.

These days though….

Amazon has introduced a rating. This is a simple star score with no text review – a throw away, off the cuff perception. There is no context behind it. Did the reader read the book? or just give up after page 1? There is no way to even validate that the person rating the book even bought a copy! The rating is basically wide open to abuse.

The review is at least accompanied by the words valid purchase so you know the reviewer at least purchased the book. Amazon still publishes reviews by those who didn’t but the book though… so again, it is open to abuse.

It used to be that the author could reply to a review. Not anymore. Nope. No reply allowed anymore.

So Amazon reviews can be abusive, incorrect, deliberate attempts to stop your sales and ruin your reputation and there is no way to validate the review nor respond to it.

This means that reviews are … well pretty useless. The problem is that readers and buyers don’t actually know this. But we are pawns of big tech and in this case, Amazon.

Nice huh?

What I would Like to Say to Kimberley B. Jeffries

I saw a new review for my best selling BEK book this evening. Purportedly written by one Kimberley B. Jeffries – if that is the real name.

No I don’t mind people writing bad reviews – people like different things. I do though object to people writing reviews that are incorrect from start to finish.

The Review.

She starts out by saying she is enjoying the book – all fine. I am happy about that. Then she accuses me of copying wikipedia and reddit stores! Based on what might I ask? The stories I have included are in a lighter typeface….??? What? This is why you think I ‘plagiarized’ stories. Because I put the stories in ITALICS that print lighter! Huh? I did that – as I do in all of my books – to highlight that it is a STORY sent to me and edited by me but not written by me. Strangely enough, each also has the NAME of the person who sent it me… It quite clearly says ‘submitted by xxxxx’. I note the placement of the fingers in the photograph covers this fact up….

When I have used someone else’s content – whether a story or a passing reference, I have included also always INCLUDED a footnote to the source and I DID NOT reproduce the story – I just mention it …. I do that to avoid any suggestion that I copied and because, I am a trained scientist used to writing peer reviewed papers that need references and citations to support my argument.

I reference also the way the BEK stories came to me as well don’t I – right at the beginning of the book and again several times throughout! They came from people who sent them TO ME! None are copied from elsewhere but some do appear on MY website – Nowhere, nowhere is any story finished with a ‘could be read here’ – that is a downright lie!

These days, authors have no comeback on Amazon. If someone leaves a garbage review like this, there is not a thing we can do to clear our name as authors. So I am doing it here instead. If she said she hated the book, found it poorly written and so on – fine but to insinuate plagiarism based on layout!!! Huh?

Ms. Kimberely B. Jeffries – if that is your real name – your review and photo are nonsense and they demonstrate that YOU HAVE NOT READ THE DAMN BOOK.

I await an apology for this scurrilous pseudo review.

The Mikulčice Mystery

More work at Mikulčice…

Earth Magic Brno

I spent another half day at Mikulčice this last weekend hoping to continue mapping the energy lines I had discovered last time. I remain puzzled as to why a settlement of 2,000 people, no matter how important it may have been in the Great Moravian Princedom, had 12 churches? Why 12? The number of apostles perhaps? Anyway, it was a beautiful afternoon and when I arrived at the site, the sun was shining. A great afternoon to do some dowsing.

I started at church X again and verified my findings from two weeks previous before wandering around generally following my nose and trying to piece together the pattern of energies. I suppose I was a tad naive in retrospect as the more dowsing I did, the more I discovered. With at least 6 roughly east-west lines and one going NE-SW, I realized that this was a longer-term project. I soon…

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