Mandatory COVID Vaccination

The EU – a dictatorship run by unelected bureaucrats – is wanting to mandate vaccines for COVID. Well, I will state here for the record that I view mandatory vaccination with these mRNA drugs that seem to cause heart issues, pregnancy and menstrual issues and neurological problems and possibly long-term increased risk of cancer as an act of violence against me by the state and I will NOT comply. Further, I see NO evidence that these drugs do anything to help at all. Meanwhile, in the US, the debate is switching away from these injectibles towards the anti-COVID drugs no coming available as science seems to suggest vitamin D is the answer anyway.

Most Appear to Live in a Make Believe Fantasy

We see the world through our own lenses often not even realising that we have lenses at all. As I have studied magic and meditation this last twenty odd years, the effect has been for the lenses to fall from eyes and I was shocked with what I saw around me. Literally everything is upside down in our world. People chase the unimportant abandoning the critical in the rush.

But things have got worse as well. The MSM, politicians and ‘celebrities’ have introduced a new set of lenses – climate crisis, COVID deaths, Vaccines, Pronouns….. these news lenses make the wearer believe that down is up and right is left. And while I can see quite clearly the lies, deceit, propaganda and misinformation churned out day by day – indeed it is churned out in ever bigger gobbets – they lap it up and feel a sense of security in it. Some are addicted to fear.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m a PhD scientist, an analyst and a magician. Some may think that the first and last of that list don’t go together yet if you look at the quantum world, there can be no doubt that they do. I have lenses too…. ego, insecurities, fears…. but I see the lies and deceits. I see the agents or NPCs who sit back and let these lies propagate – even propagate them themselves.

There is NO climate crisis.

There is NO pandemic – COVID is now endemic

The vaccine doesn’t work and it may well be that the answer anyway is as simple as Vitamin D – if recent published research can be relied on

Everyone is an individual so pronouns are NOT required to prove it in a sane world

But I am tired of this entire situation. I think it will be over shortly much to the chagrin of those pushing this agenda. It has left the west weak and on its knees destroying itself in a woke frenzy of stupidity (yes moronic is a good name for the most recent variant for that is what the west now is – moronic) and increasing tyranny and division. I suspect Russia and the China will use this moment to step up their agendas and suddenly, many in the west may wake up. Shocked that pronouns don’t make for strength, eliminating fossil fuels simply takes us back to the Victorian era (which is why Russia and China are not doing that).

Of course, it may already be too late. Western civilization is ending and has ran its course. All great civilisations collapse under the strain of some sort of madness induced by being too spoiled, having it too easy and believing themselves beyond criticism.

As you look at the world ask yourself what lens are you looking through? Ask yourself honestly – are you looking through the lens you made or the ones that were made for you by the powers that be? Are you expressing your real self? Do you know what is truly important in your life? Or have you sold out for the annual overseas vacation and a few nights down the pub?

And if you sold out, what will be left when they take that away even from you?

I talked to a friend today angry and disturbed by events. He was calm. He said look, the majority of us just ignore it to a large degree. We just want to get on with our lives and the farther you go from the big cities the less people give a shit about the Governments mandates. I know some people have bought this whole thing but most havent… and we get increasingly sick of it. Eventually, the tipping point will be reached and their will be a reaction – unless Russia invades Ukraine or China invades Taiwan….. then who knows.

I guess I agree.

I believe in talking out. Calling things out. I am told by some that this is the right thing to do. But what I really want to talk about on this blog is magic and how magical our planet is. I want to share my feelings of love for the Goddess, the forests, the rivers and oceans where my true self can be free whoever is in power and whatever idiotic demands they may make. I want to share my poetry and awe of nature and the mysteries she holds. I want to share my growing understanding of the energies on the planet that we appear to have forgotten even though our ancestors knew…..

I object to this growing tyranny. I will not submit to forced vaccination which I see as an act of violence by the state upon me. But, honestly… what I’d really like to do is leave the cities and the NPCs behind and lose myself in nature in a small community somewhere with similar views…. where I can meditate and rejoice in the joy of living.

Omicrom so Severe it is ‘easily missed’!

Omiron or as I prefer – the Moronic variant for morons – is being used as an excuse to squeeze our last remaining drops of freedom away from us. Medical fascism and tyranny are upon us and all for a variant that is ‘easily missed’….

If you liken COVID to a bad and virulent novel Flu then Omicron is effectively the common cold.

One Rule for Them….

Politicians everywhere are demanding ever more draconian measures against a virus that most of us have no fear of at all. They see an opportunity to change the status quo – even in countries like the UK and US where personal freedom is a paramount value. Yet, while they demand of us draconian and inhuman loss of rights and freedoms, they do not follow the same rules.

Did you know that MPs are not subject to any vaccine rules?

In the Czech Republic the Fauci-like creature Prymula was made Minister of Health announcing increasingly difficult measures and was then caught going to a secret meeting without a face mask in a pub and staying there until the small hours. He resigned in the follow up but didnt ever really suffer serious consequences for this.

Now, it seems the UK’s No. 10 not only had a Xmas Party having banned such things for everyone else but they laughed, joked and took the piss out of all the people following the directives and lockdown. Boris and his team need to go. and fast.

Based on the fact that these politicians and their hanger oners do not follow their own restrictions why the hell should we?

As one Tory MP in the UK said following the Boris No. 10 scandal, Government mandated lockdowns and restriction can only be considered advisory after this.

Too right.

Mirror Into Soul

There is a look in those eyes

That look deeply into mine

And I fade away

I’m floating in the dark

I’m sailing on an ocean

A thousand miles away

I hear your heart beating

The sound merges into vision

And I dream deeper

Lines of trees and green grass fields

And sacrifice at the alter

Of a pagan queen of heaven

The knife is swift

And I fade away

From that world to this one

A million miles away

Yet you are still with me

Have you something yet to say?

And I fade away

Away to the beginning of the end

Where time becomes a silken mist

And space is endless

And your eyes stare into mine

Reflecting, redirecting

This creation

Like a mirror into soul

You make me whole.

Incriminating Pfizer Vaxx Safety Study…

Stuart France

Michael O'Bernicia


…Reveals 1 In 17 Mortality Rate

As we move closer to the nationwide resistance on the 21st of December, Pfizer has been forced to release safety data which should have prevented to UK’s MHRA from authorizing the emergency use of the company’s purported COVID ‘vaccine’.

The screenshot above, taken from the incriminating Pfizer Safety Study [dated April 30 2021], shows that, out of 21,325 known outcomes within 90 days of ‘vaccination’, 1,223 [5.74%] suffered fatal adverse events.

Yet the rogue UK Government just ordered 54 million doses of a vaxx which is known to kill 1 in 17 of those injected with it.

Therefore, if all 54 million doses are administered, that will extrapolate into 3,176,470 vaxxterminations by lethal UK Government, MHRA and WHO approved Pfizer ‘vaccines’.

MHRA Had Prior Knowledge

Furthermore, the damning report, prepared by the Pfizer Worldwide Safety department, states as follows on the opening page:

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