Us and Them

Increasingly, I see an US and THEM. The them believe everything, happily take ‘vaccines’, live in fear of climate change etc. etc. The US pity these poor tortured souls and wonder why they cannot see the joins in the strategy of a Great reset by the globalists. The people that run parts of this world are evil. They subscribe to a WEF vision of communism in which, the elite (ie them – a different them in this instance) see themselves as far superior to us – ( a different us – the useless eaters). Just watch Trudeau, Macron or the horse lady that runs New Zealand and you can see the glee and joy in their faces as they sock it to us all meanwhile changing their lifestyles not an inch. They think we are stupid. Unfortunately as far as the them I am talking about, they may well be right.

The pandemic that never ends is so obviously related to the boosters and vaccinations that I can’t begin to understand why some people do not see it. The sick and dying are vaccinated people. Death rates are up 40% and according to the morticians and undertakers, many of these dead cannot even be embalmed due to the strange strands and lumps of clots filling their bodies the like f which they have never seen. The 40% isn’t disputed. It cannot be disputed as the life insurers are telling us this. Instead, they try to have us believe that it’s down to masturbation, heat, tight socks and any number of insanely ridiculous excuses. No – its the damned vaccines. That is what happens when you take an experimental, untried and untested new drug. Isn’t it blatantly obvious to you all?

Then we have the climate in which every nice day is evidence of impending doom. Summer’s are not supposed to be hot apparently? Funny, cos growing up they were hot and amazing. I recall 1976 as being particularly hot and going on and on and on yet back then, they told us we were headed to another ice age.

There is an us and a them.

I’m in the us category and always have been. I call BS on the media, the politicians and the big corporations.

You should too.


Atop the distant hill

I watch the world go by

Above and far away

It’s where I want to stay

As I watch the mess below

The more it goes

The more I wish to keep my distance

The more insane it is

The more I find resistance

Within me

There are entire universes

Yet to explore

Filled with symbols

And archetypes I adore

Sitting on this hilltop

So very far away

Yet connected in some weird way

So I hope you

Find a better way

Headed to Extinction?

When you look around and see what is being taught to the kids, what is deemed important and what is not. When you observe that more and more people seem to believe that what they believe is right and cannot be challenged. When you understand post-modernism and how it works and see how it has now infected all aspects of everything. When you add in the increasingly authoritarian suppression of discussion, opinion and critical thinking in favor of agenda and beliefs… you can only surmise that extinction is on the cards for humanity.

The complex systems that we have created, devised and implemented are already beginning to break down all around us as the people who supposedly now manage them are more interested in pronouns than the processes. The idiots are running things beyond their comprehension and they really do seem to believe that just because they imagine something so, it will be. And of course, no one is responsible or accountable anymore so the buck stops somewhere else.

We are destroying our farming and distribution systems. We are destroying our energy sources. People seem to believe that oil and gas is used only for fuel while it is actually the basis for a safe and modern life. They talk about sustainability while breaking down a system that was and is sustainable to one that is unsustainable – for human life. They seem to be on a mass suicide mission as members of some rabid death cult.

Most people quite honestly are simply dumb – they know nothing at all. Without modern systems and processes in place, these people will die as they do not know how to survive without modern luxuries. They live such easy lives that they are obsessed with meaningless social memes not understanding that they survive on a thin veneer of civilisation. Meanwhile, led by people with motives and agendas I cannot fathom, they call out for and protest to have that thin veneer of civilisation dismantled. And then, I assume, they will die not knowing how to feed or warm themselves.

Yes, it’s a dire prediction, Some will survive for sure but mostly it will be the ones who follow and believe without question who suffer.

Last year, I went on a survival course and a first aid course. I intend to go on a foraging course this year if possible. I want to be as ready as I can for when the lights go out.

Halifax – Go To Hell

In the UK, I have banked with the Halifax. I have never found it easy to do business with honestly. Its website is a mess and customer service a joke. I put up with it because I barely used the account. And then Halifax decided it would become a woke political organisation pushing pronouns and other such bull. Seeing that a very vocal group of customers were upset at this, it doubled down and said we could close our accounts.

Well Halifax, I moved my money this morning. I changed all payments to go elsewhere and I just wrote my letter telling you to get stuffed.

Go woke, go broke.

Call It Out!

On Friday, I experienced road rage as some guy in a Rentokil van decided I had crossed him and set about to basically ram me. Having achieved his objective he drove away while I sat in shock. I followed him though to the lights he was stuck at where he proceeded to try to run me down. I called the police who not only told me that without a witness and any extra evidence, the damage to my vehicle made it look like I had changed lanes into him and therefore would be fined. They also noted my technical sticker had recently expired. They advised me to forget it.

I spend the weekend somewhat down as I reflected on what makes people do such things and why the police appear totally uninterested in justice. They didn’t want to be bothered with it. I relived the event and wondered was it my fault? I certainly did pull in in front of him after signalling my intention and he tried to stop me. After that he pursued me aggressively flashing lights and beeping horn until the attempt to pass me on the inside on a single lane road led to the collision. He then fled the scene.

I did determine that things happen for a reason and so in this morning’s meditation I reflected on what I had learned. One thing was next time, just let the madman past me…. get as far away as possible as quick as possible simply by pulling over and getting them out in front. I learned that my standards are not others standards and I am wrong to expect my standards from others. I do not know what frustrations or events had occurred in his life that day and probably never will – perhaps that spilled over into rage. After all, I too have a very bad and quick temper that often prompts me to regret later things I said and sometimes but rarely, things I did.

My thoughts moved on and I realised that I am increasingly content to avoid people. People cause all problems in my life and that of others. This is the reverse of what I want to be – I want to be people loving but honestly, these days in particular, I dislike people in general. Perhaps it has been the experience of the last 2-3 years where I have watched in dismay as people appeared to lose their sanity and act like hypnotised sheep.

That is when the voice I know to be my guide said in my mind – Call it out!

Call what out? What She was telling me was to call it out by writing about it. By discussing it. By engaging with people on these things.

So, I am calling it out.

It is time for everyone to redevelop a mind of their own. To step back and examine the world we live in. To see that the world, its systems, leaders and corporations are corrupt in almost every way conceivable. To understand that we are lied to everyday using fear as a cattle rod and safety as the bait.

Well, life is dangerous and to live it well requires a certain degree of bravery.

But more important than that is the fact that IT IS YOUR LIFE. As a result, you are responsible for what happens to you.

So maybe I needed a shake up. Maybe I needed to be shocked. In order to call out it out.