Cosmic Dancer

On Friday I will be going to see Slade. Yes – Slade. Without Noddy Holder but the rest of them including slimy Dave Hill will be playing.

I didn’t much like Slade back in the 1970’s. I was into the more gentle magic of Marc Bolan and T.Rex and Slade seemed raucous and too down to earth. There was no magic, no white swans or Wizards with Slade – just poor spelling and loud music. I moved from T.Rex to Status Quo. Corkscrew hair and spandex was replaced by greasy hair and denim. Fantasy was replaced with a gritty, monotonous reality of life in the north.

Of course, now I look back and enjoy a lot of the music of that era. Even stuff I detested at the time now has a certain nostalgia about it. I’m not sure the music has got better just that it takes me back to a simpler time, a more innocent time for me. I shall enjoy Slade on Friday night and I may try to take in Suzi Quattro next year when she visits Brno too.

I have said before how for me music can evoke memory, mood and magic. The opening bars of Hotel California always send me back to an outdoor bar in the south of France and a wonderful holiday, and The Jean Genie always puts me in a schoolroom for some reason.

Even as I type this I am listening to music – Blackfield. The whole of their first CD reminds me of a day in Austin, TX. The whole of their second album makes me want to write poetry and every single line of every poem in Moon Whispers was written listening to that CD. I use music for mood. I can relax or energize with music and everything in between.

Marc Bolan captured a bit of how music works for me in Cosmic Dancer….So here he is to explain…

I was dancing when I was twelve
I was dancing when I was aah
I danced myself right out the womb
Is it strange to dance so soon
I danced myself right out the womb

I was dancing when I was eight
Is it strange to dance so late
I danced myself into the tomb
Is it strange to dance so soon
I danced myself into the tomb

Marc Bolan.


Blackfield and Moon Whispers

I have enjoyed the music of Steven wilson (Porcupine Tree) for many years now and have all four albums from Blackfield, a project in which Steven wilson partnered with Aviv Geffen to create some of the most melodic and listenable music I heave ever heard. Tunes like Pain and Where is my love? have haunted me for years. Recently, however, I got a hold of Blackfield II and this is almost heaven. The songs 1000 People and The End of the World are incredible and send me to aural heaven immediately. About 3 months ago I started listening to this record over and over again finding that each time I did I had to write. 1000 People in particular seems to make my creative juices spurt in vast quantities and every single poem in my new collection – Moon whispers – was written in a semi-meditative state listening to this song and this album.

Here is the song – 1000 People. Give it a listen. Close your eyes and drift.

Later, go to Amazon and purchase Moon Whispers and as you read those words listen to this song……