A Free Day

Today and for 24 hours only, My Haunted Life is FREE on Kindle to promote My Haunted Life Too that will be out on Wednesday and is already available to pre-order on Kindle. Both books are full of short stories that will gives you the creeps while also making you think.

Everyone has a ghost story to tell or a story about a bizarre event and these are mine and those of people I know. All true and all pretty bizarre.

http://www.amazon.com/Haunted-Life-True-Paranormal-Stories-ebook/dp/B00QSY6H6S/ref=asap_B00B8NWTWA?ie=UTF8your copy, write a review and pre-order My Haunted Life Too…. I think you will have fun reading them.

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my haunted life too final cover

gary vasey new cover

My Haunted Life Too

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover….. well, what do you think to this stunner!

my haunted life too final cover

I think its pretty Wow to be honest but then I would say that. What do you all think?

By the way, you can pre-order the book on Kindle here.

True Tales of Ghosts, Evil, Strange Creatures and Things That Go Bump in the Night…

• Have you ever felt as if you were being watched?
• Have you ever experienced something you simply could not explain?
• Have you ever been terrorized by an entity?
• Have you ever lived in a haunted house?

I and those around me have.

These are our tales.

Pre-order Now.

Ghost Stories

This week will see the launch of my new effort and probably the last book for 2014 – My Haunted Life Too. We will do a cover reveal this week as well so stay tuned. It’s a ferocious cover! My Haunted Life Too is a new set of short stories of the strange and the paranormal but this time, the stories are about people around me as opposed to things I have experienced directly. Those who have read it say its better than the first as well – scarier. It will be out on Kindle later this week. Of course, all good things come in threes so there will certainly be a third to follow in early 2015. I can probably recast all three as one paperback book too in the end.

I am now interested in ghost and strange stories again as a result of writing these two short books. I am also intrigued by the short story format especially when supplemented by material on this blog. So, no doubt, there will be a few books from me next year along – hopefully – with The Lord of the Elements – the prequel to The Last Observer.

Meanwhile, My Haunted Life is still available at 99 cents on Kindle but only for a couple more days…..

Finally, A Hit?

Recently, I decided to experiment a bit with writing and publishing. I decided to try to broaden my audience a bit and see what worked in terms of covers and content and so on. In writing this blog, I actually generate a lot of material that eventually gets buried and lost in time but is eminently re-usable. I also had the weirdest experiences growing up with ghosts, poltergeist and all sorts of strange paranormal phenomena. I hit upon an idea and wrote My Haunted Life as a small book, primarily designed for the Kindle paranormal and supernatural market. I took some blog articles and turned them into short stories and added several new short stories – all true. I topped and tailed it with some thoughts about reality as it relates to the supernatural and then put it out. It was also meant to double as a bit of a commercial for my earlier books.

At first, it didn’t get much attention. We changed the cover. That helped. We did a one-day free giveaway. That helped a lot. I send it to a review site on Facebook and got 5 reviews – that also helped. Finally, I understood that people looking at the free preview were only seeing an advertisement for The Last Observer and the Introduction which isn’t about ghosts initially anyway. So I edited the content and added a new pre-intro page with bullet points of what was in the book along with a few endorsements. We also did a banner across the cover for today – Black Friday and set it at 99 cents. It will go up in price in a week or so.

Interestingly, it seems to have started to sell. It is also being lent. OK, so its only a minor hit at the moment but it seems to have momentum. Amazon seems to have found it too and is actively merchandising it. Additionally, my other books seem to have started to move too. I think I have learned a lot in this exercise about publishing perhaps as opposed to writing. Thanks in large part to book publicist and fast becoming a friend – Nick Wale. I won’t say exactly what the secret sauces are but I am excited that finally something is happening with my books and My Haunted Life is on the best seller lists (not in the top 10 but still).

The next step in all of this is that in early December, My Haunted Life Too will appear. Probably on Kindle only at first. Let’s see if the momentum can be maintained and even made greater by the new book. The new book has a rather eye catching cover too. Just wait until we reveal it. It will scare the pants off you all! Meanwhile, I have discovered a new interest in the supernatural so expect more in the vein.

Meanwhile, The Lord of the Elements is still being worked on. Hopefully, by the time it comes out, it will have an audience. black friday gary cover new