The Biggest Con in History

I have a short temper. I do! I have to work on it at all times. If there is one thing that will invariably get me to blow my top, its the topic of Global warming. I think many who know me also know this. The idea being propagated by well funded propaganda machine is that somehow we are headed to disaster if we keep polluting the planet with CO2 – a greenhouse gas – that has already warmed the planet up and is responsible for any outbreak of bad weather we see and, in a few more years will reach tipping point and we will all fry in a horrible planetary death event…. OK – that last bit is exaggerated but you get my drift.


Not only is this propaganda machine extremely well funded but it is also very clever. It creates fear and uncertainty – those things required for control. It uses the fact that most humans are not actually well enough educated to be skeptical and it relies on the fact that we human’s can only believe what we think we see with our own eyes.

This movement has managed successfully

– to call a gas – CO2 – on which this Earth is dependent for life and abundance – a pullutant! You know, at half of today-s CO2 levels, this planet (and us) would die. We actually would benefit from higher CO2 levels,
– to make you believe that the relationship between temperature and CO2 (yes – there is one), is both very strong and that temperature follows CO2 content when in fact, it is the other way around. The relationship is in fact quite weak and CO2 content follows temperature,
– It managed to make you believe that 400ppm+ of CO2 is a record and a disaster when in fact, this is almost the lowest amount of CO2 in the atmosphere in the Earth’s 4.6 Billion year history and even (on the scale of things) in the relatively recent past CO2 was over 1000ppm,
– It managed to fool you with charts and statistics so that it looks like temperatures are rising rapidly and only since man started to pump out CO2 gas into the atmosphere all by presenting selected data over a selected time period when in fact temperatures are static if not declining and have been for more than a decade and, if you extended that temperature curve backwards just a few hundred years, it would soon become apparent that today’s average temperatures are actually very very average,
– It, at one time, managed to deny that the medieval warming period actually happened at all – though this was shown to be a data ‘error’ (put kindly) or more likely – totally fraudulent in order to fool you,
– It makes you believe that people like me are a minority of evil deniers when in fact the 97% statistic (of all climate scientists who believe this stuff) they use is based on asking the question do you think that CO2 and temperature are related – a question to which I would also say Yes,
– They make you think that the polar ice caps are melting at terrible rates in an unprecedented manner but don’t tell you that entire glaciers melted (and never reformed) in the 1800’s long before we had any impact at all and, for most of its history, this planet hasn’t has ice caps at all,
– Tells you the science is proven which is actually philosophically impossible if you understand science and how it works besides which the universe of ‘climate scientists’ is so small that peer reviewing means my friend and colleague reviews my work.

I could go on all day with example after example. Meanwhile, our children are being brainwashed by this propaganda at school at your expense. Whole rafts of science and scientists are being ignored and we are being taxed and punished for producing minimal amounts of a gas we actually need in our atmosphere.

Now – do you understand why I get angry?

I am a Ph.D. Geologist. My research – peer reviewed – was about paleoclimate. Here is another very renowned Geologist who patiently and with humor totally demolishes this fallacy.

New Age Socialism

What exactly is it about following a spiritual path that suddenly brings out the nutty side of people? Do people suddenly leave their brain in a jar by the door? Why do new age people think they need to be nut job environmentalists and socialists? Do they think that to be spiritual requires this? If so then they should reconsider.

More or less the first thing we all learn studying magic is about duality and polarity. We learn that everything is polar and that what we need to do is try to balance everything out – reconcile the opposites. It’s not easy to do I will admit but we learn that one polarity is just as bad as the other in terms of what it is not. The Tree of life demonstrates this aptly with its two outer pillars and the middle pillar with Tiphareth more or less the balance point of both horizontal and vertical polarity. We discuss this in much more detail in The Mystical Hexagram by the way.

Knowing and understanding this then it should be understood that leaning so far left you almost completed the circle and became a fascist isn’t exactly what is required of us is it? Nor is being such an environmentalist or pro- animal rights person that you would rather human kind in general poisoned itself and died out as a species.


Frankly, I’m a bit sick of it myself and I reserve the right to hold my own balanced opinions and strike out at idiocy, lies and propaganda where ever I see it.


Presidential Myth Making

Those that know me also know that one subject and one subject alone can get me truly very angry. That subject is the idea that man-made CO2 is responsible for ‘global warming’ and today I am very mad because Mr. Obama, presumably to detract attention away from his complete mismanagement of Government and everything else, has decided to jump on the bandwagon. I’m sorry to my friends and eldest son who love this man, but he is to me the worst President the US ever had simply because he doesn’t appear to actually stand for anything except himself and now – the myth of global warming. People – global temperatures haven’t risen in the last 15-years.

I’m not going to get into all the arguments because frankly I have made them all before – Google me and ‘global warming’ and I am sure you will find them. Please, don’t be like an old school chum of mine who asks if I am paid by the oil companies! I bloody wish! In fact, this is the enemies’ defense and one they use all the time to discredit the truth – all so called skeptics are paid by the oil companies they say… another myth – haven’t you noticed that all of the oil companies are spending millions convincing you they are green? They don’t have any cash for the likes of me.

So let us just take a look at some of the myths around this myth…

1. Global temperatures are warming…. – wrong. global temperatures are about the same today as they were 15-years ago. Real scientists ‘back test’ their results and adjust their theories accordingly…. not in this area they don’t – no – they just keep repeating the same myth until everyone believes it.

2. The ice caps are melting – No, they are not. What we are seeing are normal oscillations in the ice caps and while the Artic cap has shrunk a bit the Antartic cap has grown a bit – and, as pointed out by a friend on Facebook, “the northern ice cap is floating. Archimedes tells us that if the entire thing melted tomorrow the sea level would remain the same. Something that floats displaces the same amount of water as its mass. Technically speaking, because Ice expands when it freezes so if the entire thing melted tomorrow sea levels would go down slightly.”

3. But I can see it with my own eyes… more storms, bad weather etc. – No you can’t. You have, as does everyone, a habit of forgetting about bad things in the past so that it simply seems that way. In fact, if you do the research, nothing outside of normal cycles has changed.

4. But these people know what they are talking about – this is the best myth. No they don’t. Science create hypotheses based on observation. Peer review is then required to agree this. When the observations don’t fit the hypothesis, it needs to be reviewed and changed. Theories change all of the time. Once Newton described how gravity works until Einstein came along…. The problem is this – there is too much vested interest now in the status quo and too much money funding business as usual….. if you dig a bit, all is not well in the land of climate science. The cracks are appearing all over the wall and soon…. it will fall.

So what is this pseudo-science about? Money. Getting more of your money, taking more control into central Government… and more money for folks like Al Gore.

People – wake up. Don’t let these people create your reality for you. Start to use the brains God gave you and think! The truth is that this is a myth.

Take a look for yourself at the graph below…. now, time to observe and think. Is CO2 driving temperature or is it simply the Sun?


And I always felt that Obama’s redeeming factor was his intellect!