All is One

I looked down onto and across a very strange and unfamiliar landscape. It was a rocky, largely barren place with sharpened peaks rising all around. Yellows and grays beneath an azure sky. It was like looking into a vast ampitheater and I recall thinking that the heat of the midday sun must be unbearable down there in the center. Strange, because ‘down there’ was really up there on top of a flattened peak of dust and bare rocks. It was a strange and crazy point of vantage that I had of this scene. There were a number of squarish whitened buildings dotted around in the yellow-green valleys – signs of life at least.

It was then that I noticed that atop the flattened rocky peak in the center of my vision there were figures. From my position of vantage it seemed as if there may be a small crowd and three crosses. I recall idly wondering about the crosses until somehow I seemed to zoom in upon the scene as if to clarify what it was I was seeing. Sure enough, there were about 50 or so people gathered atop this cross between a mountain and a hill and three crosses. Each cross had a man upon it wracked in agony. The central cross was the one that drew my attention and that of the small crowd as a soldier thrust a spear into the man’s side. The crowd gasped and cheered.

For me, it all happened in a rush as if the entire world had snuck in on me in an almighty rush of energies, sound and light. I realized clearly and without doubt that the Nazarene was dying and as his head dropped and he gave a last breath there was a massive explosion of light and energy. Momentarily, it was suddenly as dark as night and then a small spark of light seemed to appear emanating from the Nazarene dead upon the cross and this light moved outwards in a massive concentric circle, expanding and expanding to encapsulate everything. Again, my vantage point shifted and now seemed seemed distant as I watched in sheer amazement at this concentric shower of light and energy that was spreading through every rock, tree, living creature – every single molecule and atom on the planet.

I hadn’t expected it but the concentric ring of ever expanding light seemed to hit me and I was knocked back as if hit by a nuclear blast. The light filled me up. It enlightened every atom of my body sitting there in my office chair in Houston, Texas. A powerful rush of energy like nothing I had experienced to that point and have not experienced again. The effect of this was to momentarily knock me out – I blacked out literally. But then I was back.

I was everything. Everything was me. We were all one thing in total harmony. The planet, the Universe, you. It was all me – us.

It lasted for an just instant and then the light was gone moving off into the Universe in a huge concentric circle.

But just for a moment, I had been fortunate to have the light of the Christ show me the Truth.

christ crucified

You can read an alternate account of this experience in my book Inner Journeys (Thoth, 2005)


In the interview with Rob McConnell on X Zone radio, the concept of ripples came up several times to explain how we impact upon one another. It made me think of this post from Asetroth’s Domain I wrote a little while ago. Asteroth’s Domain is my blog that is more focused on magic – please do visit it.

In meditation, I often see ripples in a pool. They start at a point and move outwards as small waves. If the small wave meets an object, an interference pattern occurs.

Thoughts are like ripples. They start with a focus. Something triggers that focus but then, if we are able to, the thought expands like a ripple moving ever outwards into the world having who knows what impacts out there. Words, words are sounds and sounds are waves too so when we speak, ripples move out from ourselves and those words can impact – not just those who hear them – but everything those sound ripples touch. Who knows what interference patterns result from our thoughts and words.

Those wave forms or ripples that we all create oscillate all around. Perhaps the smallest thought or word starts a ripple that becomes a tidal wave of change.


Silence. We are often instructed to be silent. And, if you think about it, with good reason for if our thoughts and words create ripples through the substratum of reality then when we think or speak in anger – what effect does that have? Speech is a gift that we so often misuse and abuse. God help us if we could hear thoughts!

Think about it and contemplate what effect your ripples are having on reality?

Thanks to a student for raising this topic and providing me with an opportunity to gain these insights.

From Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul
“When you enter the pool, the surface is absolutely calm but your body movement causes ripples and activities on the surface. The more you thrash around the more the waves and ripples grow in intensity and knock you off track. The more you fight the more ripples and waves and the harder it gets. Go with the flow, align yourself with the will of the Creator and minimise the waves.
Diary Extract.”

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The Art of Dreaming

For a while this morning I was researching Carlos Castenada. I had read his first four or five books as a teen and was thinking perhaps it was time to refresh my memory as regards their content. Pretty soon, I was reading about the man and how most likely, he was a fraud who rather than sitting in a small room with Don Juan was reading books about the subject at the University Library. I felt a rising sense of disappointment too as I read how he had retreated to a mansion with three female followers who gave up everything to live with and follow him and how he treated his family. All the classic symptoms of ego, sex and cult. Very disappointing.

I read too a summary of the content of the books. Even though Castenada himself may have been suspect, mysterious and perhaps a fraud, for me anyhow the books do contain a synthesis of real wisdom and knowledge. Who knows how he really came by that knowledge and who knows what the truth about him really is perhaps instead what matters is what we make of his books. Castenada himself talked about how reality is described to us and we eventually accept reality as described. From the moment we are born, we are described things and eventually we take on this view of reality. He said that to begin to see one had to stop the world. When you stopped the world or as I understood it, questioned what really was around you, you would begin to learn to see another reality or realities. Though he may use terminology that is different to the words I may use, he is saying what I am coming to accept as well. Any form of occult training essentially has the same objective and that is to break down the reality you were taught and help you to observe your own version of it.


This in turn naturally leads me to the conclusion that in a way, we all create our own realities. It explains why for example, some people live conspiracy theories or see roadblocks and objections everywhere. They choose to. On the other hand, it can explain why people who can truly visualize success become successful. They create their reality. But before you can do that, you have to know yourself and be aware of what filters you have been given – how the world has been described to you. Hatred, racism, homophobia for examples, are all inherited filters – they are all a description of acceptable reality for a consensus or majority.

So while, Castenada may be a disappointment to me I feel his works are valid. They originated somewhere in his reality and they describe an alternate reality as well as providing a map for getting there. I shall re-read his books…….


One of my ambitions is to sell a few books. OK, I have sold a few books already but not enough to match the ambition. No, I mean a few thousand of one book.

The Last Observer, my first novel, probably is the leading candidate for that ambition at least until I can finish the one I am working on at the moment and get it out. The Last Observer has gotten a lot of good reviews but it hasn’t taken off like I had hoped. Check it out… it is a short read and a fast-paced adventure that along the way, will give you a lot to think about on the nature of reality. Join Stanley as he gets sucked into a world of black and white magic. It is a battle for reality. Here is how one recent reader described it..”Interesting perspective regarding how our infinite minds may shape our collective reality. Many books tackle this hypothesis, but this action thriller makes for fun reading as you gather fascinating concepts along the way. The story line and presentation of historical ideas is quite similar to a Dan Brown novel, in an abbreviated version.”

Inner Journeys was my first book. It too has had excellent reviews and it is probably best described as part autobiography and part spiritual journey.  A recent reader posted “This book is part memoir and part teaching, focusing on Dr. Vasey’s own inner journey. As a young boy, he had many psychic experiences that enveloped him in fear. But, years later, he embraced the exploration of the many aspects of his soul, working with the guidance of a mystery school. If you are interested in spiritual alchemy, collective consciousness, journeying – or whatever term you use for this type of spiritual exploration – you will learn much from this book.” Published by Thoth, its now also available in eBook format.

The next book I wrote I simply could not finish. I had the core of it and it was a sort of continuation of Inner Journeys but dealt with some material I had gained on the hexagram as a symbol. Luckily, Sue Vincent agreed to help put the finishing touches to it which included the introduction and much of the appendices as well as diagrams and editing. The result was The Mystical Hexagram published by Datura Press and also available in ebook form. Here is what a recent reader had to say about it..I have been so lucky (although nothing is luck, really) to have made the acquaintance of Sue Vincent, the coauthor of the Mystical Hexagram, through the world of blogging. Not only is she a lovely, genuine soul, she harbors a wealth of knowledge. She and Dr. Vasey have combined their talents in this small, yet densely packed book on the hexagram. Although I will, no doubt, be unraveling its many mysteries for some time, this book has helped shed light on a symbol that has, over the last few years, been a key player in leading me to mysteries of the Universe and my own Truth. For all seekers of truth, put this on your reading list!

Of course, I have also published three books of poetry. These I do not expect to be best sellers but you never know… They are Weird Tales, Astral Messages and Poems for the Little Room.


Why not give one of my books a try and if you like it, please write a review and share your opinions with people. I think the only way I will manage my ambition is through word of mouth and the support of my friends and family. Share this post or pop over to my books’ Facebook page and like it…..


The Journey

I see inside with dream-like vision
I glide through slinky lines of time
Silver lights and golden kites
I bathe in light and gently recline
Like feeling carelessness’ caress
Ripples moving up and down my spine
Thunderous sounds so boldly loud
Speak? These tongues simply opine
Tunnels filled and gently moved along
Dancing faeries all in a line
I drift and travel onwards still
Into worlds and realms of mine
Is this truly my heaven then?
In the stillness of this un-time
Deeper and yet deeper still
Into this universe of patient calm
Knowing that whatever I foresee
I am certain that it’s really mine


Parallel Worlds, Aliens, Conspiracy and Life

Since I was knee high to a grasshopper I have wondered ‘what the hell is this all about?’ I mean this. The world, life and everything. It’s always been transparent to me that all is not what it seems. That ‘this’ really is an illusion – Maya. But what am I? Why do I exist? What’s the point? These questions often have plagued me and last night as I laid in bed I couldn’t sleep wondering yet again over these and similar questions. My problem was that I had been browsing the internet!

There are all sorts of ideas out there. Not just ideas but ‘creations’ if you want where someone – probably asking the same questions I am asking – decided on making some answers. I read amongst other things that we are all in a matrix providing fuel for the aliens from planet X that created us for the purpose, I read about parallel universes, all kinds of conspiracies about aliens, elite groups of lizard people and goodness knows what. Some of it is total crap I know but still, I’m not the only one who often thinks about the meaning of everything am I.


What really gets me. Eats at me in fact, is that I most likely will never actually know what anything is really about. I find this thought very difficult to deal with.

Oh yes, I have my own theories built upon my own experiences but I’m not silly enough to believe I am right. I suspect I am in for a surprise or total blackness as I simply cease to exist at all. But when I read about people like Steve jobs and his final words – “Ow wow, oh wow, oh wow” and what about Roger Ebert, the film critic, who wrote…”This is all an elaborate hoax.” I asked him, “What’s a hoax?” And he was talking about this world, this place. He said it was all an illusion. I thought he was just confused. But he was not confused. He wasn’t visiting heaven, not the way we think of heaven. He described it as a vastness that you can’t even imagine. It was a place where the past, present, and future were happening all at once.

Just two stories but it makes you think….. maybe all of these things are right. Maybe there are parallel universes where these things exist – where aliens from planet x have us all in enslavement, where a group of rich lizard people rule the world. As they say “God’s house is full of many rooms.”


Things That Went Bump in the Night

Growing up and leaving my version of Neverland, things took a turn for the worse. I guess it started around age 12 or so and maybe peaked at 17. Nights became sheer living hell at times as I lay in my bed scared to death. It started innocently enough in seeing a ghost. The man dressed as a Cavalier was sat at a desk writing, got up abruptly and walked out through my bedroom wall. My brother who I shared a room with saw him too.

It went a bit pear-shaped after that though. Strange noises…. bangs, cracks, deep sighs, all unexplainable. Then footsteps. I hated the footsteps. Listening to ghostly footsteps moving closer and closer and closer…. Doors opened by themselves, things vanished inexplicably to turn up equally inexplicably somewhere else or even where you knew you had left them.

The whole tale is told in Inner Journeys. Here is an excerpt…

For example, one evening in my late teens I came home from the pub just drunk enough to feel that I could get some sleep. I was visiting for the weekend from College and I always needed to have a couple of beers before I could sleep in that house. I was sleeping on the floor of my brother’s room and he was already soundly asleep when I lay down or rather passed out. Despite my drunken condition, I was suddenly aware of the front door of the house being opened. It’s amazing how alert you become when you are scared half to death. I was no longer feeling that warm woozy effect of alcohol but was now sat bolt upright, the hairs on my body stiff with fear.

“I did lock the door didn’t I?” I said to myself trying to recall if I had checked the lock as I had stumbled through the doorway. I knew I had. Next, I heard a quiet low pitch moaning and groaning that sent chills running up my spine. It was so quiet that I could hear the silence as a continual buzz only occasionally punctuated by the low moans. Then, I heard footsteps coming slowly up the staircase as if the person on the stairs was struggling to climb each step. As this was happening, my heart was racing and the noisy silence was now drowned out by the sound of my own pounding heartbeat deep inside my bursting chest. When finally, I realized that whatever or whoever this was had now reached the landing, I found that I could actually move and started to back away from the bedroom door slowly and as soundlessly as possible. As I did so, the door started to slowly open and I let out a scream that was loud enough to wake the entire city of Hull. Strangely enough, only moments later, my father burst through the door with such an angry look on his face that I thought he was about to chastise me for screaming. Instead, he simply asked if I was OK and told me that he too had heard our intruder.

Whatever this phenomenon was, it occurred more and more often and with greater observable physical activity as time went on. One evening, sitting with a girl friend in our living room in the early hours of a Saturday morning, a similar event occurred and the sight of a door opening by itself was enough to send her home for the evening. At least it wasn’t just my imagination!

These experiences too gradually faded. My poltergeist activity faded as those hormones settled down and as life drew me in…….


Inner Journeys Out On Kindle

Thoth has finally made Inner Journeys available on Kindle. It can be ordered at both the US and UK Amazon sites for immediate download. Inner Journey: Explorations of the Soul was my first foray into publishing my experiences. It is somewhat autobiographical in that it deals with why I had an interest in all things Occult and follows my trail to the point where I found the Servants of the Light. It then tracks my experiences of taking the SOL’s first course over 5-6 years and provides some insights into what I learned. In fact, it was Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, the SOL’s Director of Studies, who suggested I write the book and who kindly provided an introduction too.

Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul is the compelling account of one man’s inner quest. It is a unique and fascinating case study that documents the author’s unusual experiences in his early life that culminates in his eventual discovery of a mystery school. Dr.Vasey provides an honest assessment of his ongoing development as a student of the school, his discovery of an inner contact, and progressive exposure to a magical and boundless world of inner characters and landscapes that provide personal instruction and understanding. His journey of transformation has a profound effect on his character and finally directs him towards an initiation with the self.