Buyer’s Confusion

I am in the market potentially for a bike. The Czechs love to cycle and there is much to see on a bike here and lots of bike paths and routes and so on. Its a bikers’ paradise.  Additionally, I just seem incapable of losing any weight whatever I do so I figure cycling more may help keep me fit, healthy and slimmer.

But boy, how difficult it is to buy a bike!

There seems to be around 20 odd brands and all of them make bikes in every category with minor differences and so my entry level bike choice probably numbers one of 30-40 different bike models and brands. Its no use asking the shop people which is the best value as they won’t tell you to go to another store now will they. From what I can gather, it comes down to frame and components but how you are supposed to know which components are superior to others is beyond me. I have even researched on the internet and reckon you would need to be mad crazy about bikes to ever know what it is you need to know to buy a bike.

The other thing that gets me is the price of bikes. Yes, you can pick up a cheap bike in a supermarket but my experience and research suggests these fall apart pretty quickly and I have heard them described as ‘death traps’ by the experts. For a real bike $500 seems to be about the minimum and it goes on from there. I saw a bike yesterday that had a price on it of $16,000 – you could buy a car for that!

My point though is that its now just bikes that pose a buying dilemma but more or less anything. Want a new TV? Take a look at all of those TVs in the showrooms – brands, types, sizes – what the hell makes one TV twice as expensive as another and how am I supposed to know this? Phones… washing machines… anything – we are spoilt for choice and such a broad choice that every purchase decision requires you to become an expert on the topic. It contributes to the stress of life that I simply am at the mercy of choice.

In the end then, how do I choose? Perhaps its just how a thing looks – color, design and shininess? I do my research, I shop around but invariably I fall in love with something despite myself. It may not be the best, have the best price etc. but I like it. Inevitably, the bike I end up buying will be the one I simply fell in love with…..


Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Since I quit smoking I have gained weight at an alarming rate. A few months ago I decided to try to address it and I quit sugar and cut down heavily on sweets. Since this seemed to have no impact at all, I quit breads and anything wheaty. Still, no impact. I increased my exercise levels a bit with longer and brisker walks….. no impact. I cut out a lot of milk. You guessed it – no impact. I went out and bought an exercise bike and started doing 20 minutes everyday…..yes no weight loss at all…..So after christmas, I cut alcohol. At the same time, I have changed my diet and eat less fats and carbs but focus on proteins. I have eggs for breakfast, a salad at lunch and dinner is meat and vegetables usually (reduced my potato intake too).


So the alarm bells went off when I saw that I would soon hit 110kg and I was down to two pairs of pants that still fit me. As of this morning, I am just below 105kg and still only two pairs of pants fit me. My question. What am I doing wrong? At this rate, I will be eating nothing and still maintaining my weight. I simply don’t get it. How can I keep taking calories out of my daily intake, burn more calories and my weight stays pretty much the same?

I have also looked at taking vitamins D and C, drink copious amounts of green tea, try to eat peppers and a lot of other small changes that came from internet research. I am not overly stressed (though I was a year ago in my old job) and I think I get enough sleep.

Does anybody have any ideas? thoughts?

One of Those Days!

I know its not me that sometimes has one of those days but I do wonder if what constitutes one of those days for me is the same as others? For me, such days usually start poorly. I won’t have slept well or I woke up early or I didn’t want to get up. It seems to slide from there….

Today for example, my internet is playing up. Everything is slow as a result and I keep having to go and reset the router. I have a few people I really need to follow up with but none of them are answering the phone, email or Skype…. But most frustrating isn’t whats going on out there but inside of me. You see I can’t seem to do anything. I don’t seem able to figure out where to start and so I don’t. If I do start, I meet an issue and have to stop anyway. After a while, I actually don’t want to do anything and would rather aimlessly surf the net. Problem is, I have a lot I want to do but today I seem incapable of starting any of them. Are you also like this or is it just me?


Maybe its the weather. Yesterday it was unbearably hot and then we had ferocious storms over night and today its breezy and looks like more storms….

Oh well…. its almost the weekend.