It is Friday.

It is the end of the working week and time to spend a couple of days engaged in activities other than work. For me and many of my home town peeps, this is a big weekend as Hull City play their first FA cup semi-final since 1930 with a real chance to get to a first ever FA Cup final. On Sunday at 5.07pm local time, I’ll be sat in the local sports bar, half liter in hand to watch that game.


To be honest though, the weekend doesn’t mean an end to work. Nope – just a change in format. I finally have some time to get around to doing some household chores. The work never stops nor ends but the variety makes things interesting….

I hope you all have a happy weekend… and not too much work!

Meanwhile, here are some scenes from our last FA Cup semi final…..






Changes II


Hull City AFC (The Tigers) are once again a Premier League team.

Mad celebrations took place after a very weird and stressful afternoon which you may have read about in the media. Me, I knew it would be rough so I went swimming and only checked after the game was over. Yep – I am a coward. However, I did a dance just like this….


The next few days should be deliciously interesting…. Yes! It’s funny because yesterday I visited an online tarot site just for grins and to kill a few minutes. I selected the cards and to my utter amazement it said that I might be about to enjoy a new car! Well, it is spot on. On Tuesday night I do pick up my new car. Nope – it isn’t the Porsche I dreamed of but it is a very nice Mazda CX5 SUV. I can’t wait because I am a sucker for cars and I adore driving.

Funnily enough, on the very same day, I will end my job and on May 1st start a new one basically working for myself with a partner in Houston. This one means a lot of changes. Initially, working from home then seeking an office (furniture, phones etc.), developing portals, finding clients and creating new companies. A lot to be done here for sure.

And finally, this weekend may just be the moment when Hull City get promoted. If Watford lose on Friday, its a done deal. If Hull win on Saturday its a done deal. Fingers and everything else crossed this weekend……